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Success from the business series Austrian Open

On June 29-30, 2024, the annual Austrian Open poomsek competitions took place, which have traditionally been one of the biggest poomsek competitions in Europe, and this year the competitions attracted more than 400 participants from many different countries. This year, the Austrian Open also served as the second of the three selection competitions for the World Championships held in Hong Kong in November.

On Saturday, the individual series of all age groups took place, where Aino and Sofia from TU competed in the Female U17 series, Christian Male in the U30 series and Marita in the Female U60 series.

The Junior Female series was huge with 57 participants, so it was divided into two groups, both halves of which made it to the next round to the semi-finals. Aino competed for the first time after the competition break and made it to the semis, while Sofia, despite her good performances, missed the first round. In the semi-finals, the qualifying was rough, as only 8 of the remaining 28 contestants advanced to the finals. Aino made solid and confident performances, but unfortunately came in 10th place and narrowly missed out on the finals.

The U30 and U40 series were played with an elimination system, where the competitors measure each other one against one and the winner always advances to the next round, facing a new opponent. Christian took a clear victory over his opponent in the first round, but in the second round the Norwegian, who finally took the bronze, was better and Christian's final ranking was 9th-16th.

There were two rounds in the Female U60 series, where Marita made her way from the semi-finals to the final round with confidence. Even in the final, Marita made successful performances and the final result was 6th place, right on the heels of World Championship bronze medalist Niina Virtala.

On Sunday, it was the turn of pair and group series, as well as freestyle. Sofia competed in the Pair U17 series with her credit partner Lassi Kaasinen from Herttoniemi and progressed from the semi-finals to the final in the usual style. However, the level was really tough, and the couple who were five short of the European Championship bronze finished 6th in the end.

Marita, on the other hand, competed in the Team Female O30 series with Jenny Nyman and Kati Kuosmanen. This lineup is relatively new, but despite that and thanks to hard training, the performances were successful and the result was 3rd place with Austria taking the silver and Germany the gold.

In the freestyle series, TU was represented by Christian Male in the O17 series. Christian's choreography underwent a small change at the last minute, which did not hinder the process and the performance went brilliantly. The silver medal was close, but Germany's stalwart Steven Behn snagged it, giving Christian a respectable bronze medal to take home.

The third and last selection competition will take place in Zaprešić, Croatia on October 12. to which at least part of TU's competition team is heading.

Results of TU11 athletes:

Aino Kortelainen, junior girls, 10.
Sofia Sarala, junior girls, was eliminated in the first round
Christian Kamphuis, MU30, 9.-16.
Christian Kamphuis, MO-17 freestyle, 3rd.
Marita Jaakkola, FU60, 6.
Sofia Sarala&Lassi Kaasinen (Herttoniemi), junior pairs, 6.
Marita Jaakkola, Jenny Nyman, Kati Kuosmanen, Team F060, 3.


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