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Situation overview of taekwondo athletes 18.5.

Soon we will be able to train again under "normal conditions"! Last week we announced that we will open the hall for small group training (max 10 people) in the last two weeks of May, so that 1 close training and two live trainings will be organized for each group. You had to register in advance for local training. The groups are full, but the live workouts are running this week as well and very soon we will be able to go to the gym to train in a bigger group. 

The summer training calendar enters into force on June 1. and it will be published this week on the club's website at:

Read more about the summer exercises and training in this bulletin. It is partly the same as last week, but repetition is the mother of studies.

This week's live workouts

You can find live lessons and links to participate:

If the page does not show the hours correctly, refresh it by pressing (f5) or from the menu of your device.

You don't need to register for live lessons in advance, it's enough to participate via the website. The link guides you to the implementation of the Zoom service, no matter what your device is. To participate, you need a smart device with a camera, such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can also participate without your own video, but in that case the instructor will not be able to give you feedback.

It's worth clicking on the coach's video after the workout has started, so that it is permanently attached to your screen as an active, i.e. large, video (pin video). You should also turn the sound off (mute) in your own video, but remember to turn it back on if you want to talk to the coach.

Please remember that you can collect training notes for the belt tests from all the video workouts and live workouts you complete. Younger enthusiasts must get their parents' signature for the completed training. Return your training entries to the gym after opening.

The age divisions are indicative and you can participate in any exercise. For young children, adult exercises may seem difficult, but that does not prevent participation.

So you can join our website's Live! from the section

Wed 20.5. 20:00-21:00 – Mobility training and stretching (all enthusiasts)

Thu 21.5. 17:00-17:45 – Children (under 12)
Thu 21.5. 18:00-19:00 – Youth and adults + competition groups (Over 12 years old)

Summer training

In June, when the gathering restrictions are relaxed, we will start training more closely in the gym, but still taking into account the necessary precautions and the prevailing restrictions and recommendations. We give even more detailed instructions to all enthusiasts regarding the procedures, and these are also reviewed with all groups in the gym.

In the summer, at least three exercises are organized for all age groups, of which at least one per week is carried out outside.

The exercises and being in the gym at the beginning of June are planned so that there is no close contact in any of the exercises and a distance of more than a meter is kept from the training buddies. Hands are always washed before and after exercises and training equipment is used as little as possible. The equipment used is always disinfected at the end of the day. You must not come to the exercises in pain, so stay home if you have even minor symptoms. The coach has the right to immediately remove the enthusiasts he interprets as sick from training based on his own judgment.

The summer training calendar will be published this week on the club's website.

NOTE! In all our actions, we take into account the regulations and guidelines of the authorities, so policies can change quickly.

The belt exams canceled in March will be held right at the beginning of June

A large part of those invited to the March belt exam had time to pay for the exam already in March. Many thanks for this! Enthusiasts who have already paid will have priority when we organize replacement trials at the beginning of June. An invitation to the exam will be sent separately to these enthusiasts.

We will organize more belt test events later in the summer, to which enthusiasts who have diligently collected training marks from live training will be invited, for example.

For all those who paid for their training taste in March-April, a free training month will be added to their current contract

In March and April, we organized a campaign in which we offered a free training month to everyone who paid for their next payment period, and two months if you paid for two training periods at once. We can only humbly thank you for the great support you have shown to the club in a challenging situation!

Free months are added to training contracts automatically, and the next invoice appears in the email as usual only when the entire paid period and the free month have passed. Some of the enthusiasts whose new payment started at the very end of April may have already received a new invoice, but the free training month will be automatically added to that payment period.

In addition to this, paid enthusiasts are offered or have been offered:

  • Virtual workouts of the growing library
  • Live training several times a week
  • Self-paced exercise program for home training
  • Possibility to borrow the club's fire mats for your own home training
  • Free camps as soon as the hall is opened
  • No summer break this year, but the exercises will continue without a break throughout the summer, if the situation allows
  • Update or additional services for all contract types:
    • Basic agreement for adults -> A month's training right for the weight room
    • Basic contract for children -> One month training right for the children's competition team
    • Adult athlete contract -> One month's training right at the weight room. Private lesson for those who already have a contract for the gym.
    • Children's athlete contract -> Free private lesson or lesson with a couple, depending on the age of the enthusiast.
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Changes to the exercises of the movement series competition group

There will be small changes to the training calendar of the business series competition group starting this week. Tuesday's practices at 17:00-18:30 will be changed from a practice open to everyone to a closed practice intended for the club's own young competitors. Thursday's exercises at 17-18:30 will be changed from a self-paced exercise to a fully guided exercise and it will still remain open to everyone.

In the future, the Taekwondo athletes' own young competitors who have separately asked the coach responsible for the movement series, Heikki Liukko, will be allowed to participate in Tuesday's training sessions. The intention is to turn the training session into the young competitors' own practice, in which children who compete with goals up to the age group of cadets participate.

Until now, Thursday's practices have been semi-autonomous practices, where a coach has been present, but from this week on Thursdays, full service is on and the coach on Thursdays is usually Ville Lehtinen, or Skavi among the familiar.

Welcome to training!

Team FIN

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Taekwondo athletes in Porvoo

The second league competition of the fall was played in Porvoo on Saturday 14.10. and Taekwondo athletes are well represented as usual, especially in the league series. The competitions went very well: some of the contestants had made clear strides in development, some surpassed themselves on the competition mat, and some improved their basic game. Some areas of development were also found under the watchful eyes of the coaches, Juho, Pauli and Mari mulled it over with each other, and these are used to shape exercises for the next games.

A double win for Plum in the league series

The matches in the league series were fast-paced and it was nice to watch especially the young players hungry for victory. As usual, Plum Kopisto competed in two series, cadets and juniors, and a double victory in these series is starting to become a tradition. However, the golden medals did not find their way around the neck of the workhorse for free, but the constant stalking of the kick spot combined with the will to score points produced results again. In the cadets' final, clubmate Lauri Hulikkala faced Plum, who put in a lot of effort, but this time he still didn't manage to win the match. Let it be mentioned in Lauri's favor that the fighter fought the rest of the match with a broken arm without even flinching. Only after the match did Lauri start to realize that this hand is a bit sore.

Image uploaded from iOS (2)
Double gold smiles

Aino Kortelainen and Jenny Vettenniemi also took a mutual tie in the cadets, the first of whom managed to turn the match around. Jenny fought well, but Aino's competitive spirit was so good today that she went all the way to the series win and silver in the second series. Silver was also won by Janika Tatti, who showed her tremendous pace of development for the second day in a row after Friday's belt test on the Porvoo racing mats. The same can also be said about Lucas, whose match was, at its best, an international-level kicking match. Unfortunately, we were satisfied with silver and bronze from these scraps, but as the kicks start to hit the goal better, the medals will surely become brighter in the near future.

Tuikku Holopainen also belonged to the doubles team, and Tuikku won gold from the cadets and bronze from the juniors. The accurate Tuikku also seemed to be in control of forward attack combinations in the tight final of his cadet series, which he managed to turn from a losing position into a victory. We want to see more of these aggressive bursts in the future! Emilia Lahti competed in the juniors and this time she missed the first match, but just fine. Emmi also dug out one point after another from the chasing position, but the tie was unfortunately one kick away in the last moments of the match.

Image uploaded from iOS (1)
TU11 warming up

Bardia Mirzaei fought in the adults, when there were no opponents in the junior series. Bardia's will to win was transmitted even to the last rows of benches in the audience, and the first match was handled with a great victory. In a tight final, Bardia unfortunately had to admit that his opponent was better at the end of an even match. Sami Leskinen and Eduard Korolevskiy also competed in adults and in the same series. However, a mutual match was not seen and the final result was bronze for Sam and silver for Eduard.

Great performances from the first timers

In the children's and amateurs' series, Taekwondo athletes had a gratifying number of first-timers, even though the team was otherwise of a moderate size. Alina Shor and Teresa Vepsä were both taking part in the national championships for the first time, and if there was tension in the air, at least you couldn't see it from these competitors. Alina and Teresa played good matches with open-mindedness, but unfortunately both lost their way in the first match by a hair's breadth. The same happened to Kaisla Seimola and Risto Hyvärinen, both of whom have already toured a few competitions. Losses in Porvoo, but it's still good to continue towards the Vantaa Games!

Kian Nowrouzi was also at the games for the first time and did not shy away from his more experienced opponents at all. Two wins guaranteed a place in the final, and in the same way, his teammate Aleksi Koskelainen advanced from the other side of the chart. The mutual encounter was a fast-paced and high-quality performance, which was finally turned in favor by Aleksi. A double win in this big series was a great performance from the boys!

Gold medal around his neck after three matches

Best judge award for Ali

Taekwondo competitions can be experienced in many ways. Ali Lahti has chosen the judge's perspective, and there hasn't been a competition this year where Ali hasn't been seen as a judge, including indoor competitions in his own hall. Ali's professionalism has grown from competition to competition and the grips are firm, as a good judge should be. Ali left Porvoo with the best judge's statue under his arm. Awesome!


All results

Congratulations to all medalists!

Kaisla Seimola D2 -35 Kg 5.
Aleksi Koskelainen C2 -44 Kg 1.
Kian Nowrouzi C2 -44 Kg 2.
Teresa Vepsä C2 +58 Kg 3.
Alina Shor B2 +63 Kg 5.
Risto Hyvärinen H +80 Kg 2.
Luca Leskinen Cadets -33 2.
Luca Leskinen Cadets -37 3.
Lauri Hulikkala Cadets -49 Kg 2.
Plum Duplicator Cadets -49 Kg 1.
Aino Kortelainen Cadets -33 Kg 2.
Jenny Vettenniemi Cadets -33 Kg 3.
Aino Kortelainen Cadets -37 Kg 1.
Janika Tatti Cadets -41 Kg 2.
Plum Duplicator B1 league -51 Kg 1.
Tuikku Holopainen C1 league -51 Kg 1.
Tuikku Holopainen B1 league -49 Kg 2.
Emilia Lahti B1 league -55 Kg 3.
Eduard Korolevskiy R1 league -63 Kg 2.
Sami Leskinen R1 league -63 Kg 3.
Bardia Mirzaei R1 league -74 Kg 2.
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New dan values for taekwondo athletes

The examinees and the examiner after a successful dan exam
The examinees and the examiner after a successful dan exam

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, belt exams were held at the Taekwondo athletes' hall for the first four black belt tryouts and two who are increasing their dan rank. The seven-hour sweat job with ceremonies was crowned at eight in the evening, when the former red belts got the darkest belt on their hips. The whole group passed the belt exam with flying colours, and despite the occasional heavy fatigue, the faith in their own doing remained amazingly well in the end, even though the organizers of the belt exam, Teemu Heino and Juho Kostiainen, tried their best to challenge the test takers and sometimes even slightly open the door to disbelief.

It was gratifying to see how the trainees' understanding of technique, power output and fighting in its various forms has developed to a level that entitles them to a black belt. In both forms of competition, in the series of moves and in the match, the overall performance was strong. Of course, specialization in these forms of sports was visible in the tests in both directions, but on the other hand, it would be worrying if it was not visible. When the performances were good across the board even in the weakest part, you can be satisfied with the test also from the sports club's point of view.

Jumping back spin kick. Christian Kamphuis
Christian's flying back spin kick was seen dozens of times during the test

It's always a celebration when more black belts are added to the club. Our club, now six years old, is in a situation where enthusiasts who have started with us are increasingly becoming aware of the value of a black belt, and the number of black belt test takers will probably increase in the coming years. Good luck with your new black belts! Remember that the road is just beginning!

On September 23, 2017, they successfully increased their belt value

  • Matti Sairanen, 3rd dan
  • Christian Kamphuis, 2nd dan
  • Severi Sarala, 1st dan
  • Enni Jaakkola, 1st dan
  • Sami Leskinen, 1st dan
  • Aleksi Väyrynen, 1st dan



National team camp and TU11 camp schedules 19.8.


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Taekwondo athletes' open day 26.8.

Come and learn about the versatile hobby of taekwondo!

Right now is a great time to start practicing taekwondo. The open day for taekwondo athletes is here again, and anyone can get to know the sport by watching, trying and asking questions. The club's instructors are there to talk about the sport, the club and the training, so the answers to the mind-boggling questions can be found in Konala, Helsinki, Corduroy 3 Con Saturday 26.8.2017. The doors open at 12:00 and are open until five, even longer if there are enough people interested. In the future, e.g. introductory training opportunities, competitions, raffle for training months, etc. And serving coffee and juice - of course!

There is no bad age or condition to start taekwondo, the sport is suitable for everyone. Small children learn general physical skills, and with seniors we go at a calm, but still developing pace. For the young and enthusiastic, our club offers fast-paced training and learning competitive sports under the leadership of our country's most successful taekwondo athletes. In our club, there are many families, where both children of different ages and parents enthusiastically pursue their own goals, or together in family groups. So don't worry, start taekwondo!

Doors open at 12:00 and close at 17:00


for map_hall

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The autumn season starts on August 14.

The fall season for taekwondo athletes starts on August 14. Read the most important reforms and events here

Autumn training times start on Monday 14.8.

The training times for autumn have been decided, and there will be no major changes to the spring calendar. A few changes are due to the resourcing of instructors and the effort to clarify the calendar even more. In addition, efforts have been made to organize more practice space for the largest groups.

autumn 2017 training times(2)


As new exercises, the group of young athletes will have a third weekly class and body control/acrobatics will return from their break on Sunday. Feel free to try different additional exercises in addition to the basic exercises. Ask your instructor in more detail where you should start.

Season opening camp 19.8.

At the season opening camp, you kick yourself off after the summer. You can find more information about the camp in your own news from here.

August belt exams 24.8. and 25.8.

Belt test for adults 24.8. and the trains on 25.8. Read more from here.

Open day 26.8.

The open day offers an opportunity to get to know the club's activities and sign up for training. Bring a friend along too! More information from here.

If you can't wait until the open doors, surf yourself "getting started” page and through it to the gym!

Malminkartano's birthday party 27.8.

We will perform again at the Malminkartano festival, while promoting the club to people in the surrounding areas. If you want to be part of the screening team, contact


A brisk start to autumn everyone!
T. Taekwondo athletes 2011


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August belt exams

August belt exams

  • 7-15 year olds on Friday 25.8.
    • Yellow belt and green ribbons 17:00-18:00
    • Green belt and higher belt grades 18:00-20:00
    • Those who do not have an exam have exercises as normal
  • Adults on Thursday 24.8. 
    • From 19:30 to 21:00.
    • Those who do not have an exam have exercises as normal
  • Getting to the belt exam requires, depending on the belt rank, a sufficient number of exercises and training months from the previous belt exam. Instructors check the training times in the login system. All participants in the belt test will be sent an invitation by e-mail. The list can also be seen at the instructor's desk in the hall about a week before the exam
  • Note! An invoice for the belt test will be sent before the test. By paying the bill, you register for the belt test. If you want to pay for the exam in cash on the spot, let us know in advance. The prices of belt tests can be found From the price list
  • All participants in the test are required to have a sport license from the Finnish Taekwondo Association, which can be ordered from the association's website
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A successful race day at Nurtsi

Taekwondo athletes third best club in the Games

The taekwondo athletes were on the move with a 24-person team in the Nurtzi Open competitions held in Nurmijärvi, where this year no less than 449 kickers competed against each other. There were no free medals when there were teams from Finland, Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Iceland and Israel. The success of the taekwondo athletes is indicated by the fact that they went home in third place with the best club standing under their arms.

Excellent performances in the league series

The competitive spirit of the league contenders is clearly starting to be on point. There were enough top moments for everyone, but the series victories of Emmi, Tuiku, Sara, Bardia and Eddie were especially memorable. The nationalities of the opponents did not weigh much when Emmi and Tuikku's opponents fell one after the other with clear numbers. Bardia's tactics changed on the fly against the Icelandic opponent in the final when the opponent's warning account started to fill up. Bardia ran forward with speed, forcing his opponent to make repeated mistakes and finally got him to be discus. Sara and Eddie once again showed how to score points with a high percentage. Lauri, Luca and Plum also got international competition experience, but this time they lost in the opening rounds. Sam's flu froze his legs after the first round that started well. Aino won his first match, but after a long stretch in the second match, the Estonian resistance pulled a longer one. Similarly, Jenny's long Swedish resistance took the win, but Jenny's movement and swagger were amazing to watch. Unfortunately, Juri was drawn directly to the final against Eddie and took home the silver from the mutual struggle of the teammates. whats up

In the amateurs, cheerful performance and tight twists

Iine's point mill started once again in the first match and did not stop grinding until a fair point win in the final. A hard kick combined with reasonable use promises good things in the future. Janika also won the series with a mature and accurate match. Especially Janika's business worked perfectly. The same exact and careful search for scoring positions was also shown by Aleksi, who had to stop in the middle of his second match due to a leg injury. Venne, Henri and Joonas each won their opening matches, but had to admit defeat in others. Opening losses for Risto, Frans, Kaisla, Teemu and Markus.

Juho, Pauli, Riina were the coaches in the games and Alberto Celestrin was the guest star. A big thank you to Alberto and the other coaches, as well as the whole team and the maintenance crew!

See you at the gym!


All rankings

Henri Hulikkala D2 juniors -40 Kg 5.-9.
Venne Viitaniemi D1 juniors -34 Kg 2.
Kaisla Seimola D2 juniors -30 Kg 3.
Lauri Hulikkala C1 juniors -45 kg 10.-16.
Iines Korhonen D2 juniors -35 Kg


Aleksi Koskelainen C2 juniors -44 Kg 3.
Janika Tatti C2 juniors -36 Kg 1.
Risto Hyvärinen H-enthusiasts +80kg 3.
Frans Orjasniemi D2 juniors -30 Kg 5.-9.
Teemu Takala D2 juniors -40 Kg 10.-16.
Jonas Laos C2 juniors -38 Kg 2.
Laura Orjasniemi C2 juniors -42 Kg 5.-9.
Luca Leskinen C1 juniors -37 Kg 5.-9.
Plum Duplicator C1 juniors -45 Kg 5.-9.
Jenny Vettenniemi C1 juniors -33 Kg 5.-9.
Markus Liuko D2 juniors -30 kg 5.-9.
Emilia Lahti B1 juniors -52 Kg 1.
Sami Leskinen R1 seniors -63Kg 3.
Eddie Quinones C1 juniors -65 Kg 1.
Juri Mattila C1 juniors -65 Kg 2.
Aino Kortelainen C1 juniors -33 Kg 3.
Sara Quinones C1 juniors -41 Kg 1.
Bardia Mirzaei B1 juniors -73 Kg 1.
Tuikku Holopainen R1 juniors -49 Kg 1.



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Spring newsletter

Spring season events and announcements

Don't miss the events of the taekwondo world, read below the latest newsletter of taekwondo athletes. Happy spring everyone!

TU2011 announcement spring 2017

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