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A huge haul of trophies from the Ambassador's Cup

The Ambassador's Cup, organized for the second time, gathered taekwondo people to compete both in movement series and in a match in Vantaa's Tikkurila on November 12, 2016. Taekwondo athletes had a strong representation in both forms of competition, and we can be very satisfied with the day's performances.

Competitors at a good pace

The taekwondo athletes had no fewer than 29 representatives in the match series, so there was enough excitement for the whole day. The huge trophy haul shows that there were enough top moments and successes. A busy coach doesn't quite notice all the tricks, but at least Paul remembered Venne's gutsy three-win fight for a series win, Lauri's accurate spot-kicks, Iines' ferocious kicking power, Jenny's tremendous self-confidence, Janika's tactical skills, Plum's solid work ethic, Aleksi's will to win, Bardia's struggle against the Estonian hurray, and Jaden's , Markus and Kaisla's brave first contact on the national competition mats. Many other things also fell into place, and as said, one coach's eye is not enough to see everyone.

Sampo, Pauli, Juho, Riina, Petteri and Teemu were responsible for the coaching on the match side. The exchange of words between the coaches after the games was very positive. As the season draws to a close, many goals can already be considered fulfilled for the fall. Another big thank you from the coaching team to all the competitors and congratulations on your success!

An efficient and stylish team in the business series

The team of taekwondo athletes got in shape for competition under the treatment of the team's official stylist, Somporn Kopisto. The team was easily the most stylish of the games and there was no doubt about their efficiency. The coaches are Juho Ranta and Essi Labart. Of course, Essi managed to grab gold in both of his series before this. In general, the upswing of business series athletes that continued throughout the fall continued again at the Ambassador's Cup. Essi was satisfied and proud of the team's performance, and Juhokaa did not spare hyperbole in his later report.

The club and the coaching team congratulate the winners!

Janika Sophia  Hairstyle you guysplum

Special thanks to Subaru, who provided the team with subs at the end of the race! #hankssubaru

All rankings

Contestant / Match series Investment
Venne Viitaniemi D2 – Kids -30 Kg 1.
Venne Viitaniemi D2 – Kids -35 Kg 9.
Lauri Hulikkala C2 – Kids -44 Kg


Henri Hulikkala D2 – Kids -40kg


Iines Korhonen D2 – Kids -30 Kg


Jenny Vettenniemi D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Sofia Sarala D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Sofia Sarala D1 – Kids -28 Kg


Aino Kortelainen D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Janika Tatti D1 – Kids -37 Kg


Janika Tatti C2 – Kids -36 Kg


Markus Liuko E1 – Kids -26 Kg 9.
Frans Orjasniemi D2 – Kids -35 Kg 5.
Aleksi Koskelainen D2 – Kids -45 Kg 1.
Kaisla Seimola D2 – Kids -30 Kg


Jade Salko C2 – Kids -42 Kg


Plum Duplicator C1 – Cadets -41 Kg


Plum Duplicator C1 – Cadets -45 Kg


Ali Pirveisi C1 – Cadets -53 Kg


Bardia Mirzaei R1 – Seniors -68 Kg


Aino Kortelainen C1 – Cadets -33 Kg


Emilia Lahti C1 – Cadets -51 Kg


Emilia Lahti B1 – Juniors -52 Kg


Luca Leskinen C1 – Cadets -33 Kg


Luca Leskinen C1 – Cadets -37 Kg


Jenny Vettenniemi C1 – Cadets -29 Kg


Severi Sarala B1 – Juniors -63 Kg


Sara Quinones C1 – Cadets -41 Kg


Tuikku Holopainen C1 – Cadets -47 Kg


Competitor / Business series Medal place
Plum Duplicator Cadets Male 3.
Christian Kamphuis U30 Chess 2.
Essi Labart U30 Female 1.
Aino Kortelainen Kids Blue Female 2.
Bella Buri Kids Green Female 2.
Victoria Hentunen Kids Green Female
Sofia Sarala Kids Blue Female 3.
Aino Kortelainen Blue Belts Female 1
Sara Quinones Kids Red-Black Female 2.
Essi Labart & Christian Kamphuis U30 Pair 1.
Bella Buuri & Victoria Hentunen Kids Pair 3.
Aino Kortelainen & Sofia Sarala Kids Pair
Sara Quinones & Mia Knuttson (Espoo Hwarang Team) Kids Pair 1.
Bella, Victoria, Sofia Kids Team
Aino, Sara, Mia (Espoo Hwarang Team) Kids Team 1.
Christian Kamhuis Freestyle 1.


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On Sunday, there is a free shift in the gym and a competition stand

Competitive spirit and sparring

Those who are not going all the way to Turkey to experience the Olympic qualifiers can come over the weekend to watch Teemu and Suvi's preliminaries on the large TV screen in the hall. Along with the grandstand, the hall's carpet and equipment are freely available for independent training. Those looking for sparring opponents should be there around 12-2pm, when a free-form sparring ring is held. Juice, coffee and small snacks are also available.

The matches of the qualifying tournament start at 10:00, when the hall doors also open. The hall will be occupied as long as there are Finns participating in the tournament, but at least until 15:00. You should also watch Jenna and Toni's matches on Saturdays from home!

Welcome aboard!


SM-kisat & Pori Cup in Pori on November 16, 2013

1000px-Porin_coat-of-arms.svgSm-kisat and Pori Cup

A team of taekwondo athletes for the World Championships

Milla Väyrynen, SM – Cadets -37 Kg

Kasper Wargelin, SM – Cadets -37 Kg

Aaha Moullaev, SM – Cadets -49 Kg

Aleksi Väyrynen, SM – Cadets -41 Kg and SM – Youth -45 Kg

Voker Feka, SM – Cadets -61 Kg and SM – Youth -63 Kg

Tanja Lovikka, SM – Adults -49 Kg

Pauli Raivio, SM – Adults -68 Kg

Juho Kostiainen, SM – Adults -80 Kg

Petteri Kauppinen, SM – Adults -80 Kg

Teemu Heino, SM – Adults +87 Kg

A team of taekwondo athletes to the Pori Cup

Megii Moullaev, D1 juniors -40 Kg

Sara Quinones, D-juniors -28 Kg and E-juniors -28 Kg

Eddie Quinones, D-juniors -40 Kg

The guardians are Sampo Pajulampi, Juho Ranta, Teemu Heino, Petteri Kauppinen, Juho Kostiainen and Pauli Raivio.

NOTE! 15., 16. and 17.11 all trainings have been canceled because of the race!

Participants & info

Competition invitation SM

Competition invitation Pori Cup

On Twitter @taekwondourh and #taekwondosm


Taekwondo athletes have a strong representation in St. Petersburg's Baltic Sea Cup

Taekwondo St.Petersburg St. PetersburgInvitation competition for teams

In the Baltic Sea Cup, there will be a team invitational competition, where Finland will be represented by TU11 and a team assembled from Loviisa taekwondo.

The preliminary rounds are played man against man as normal matches, and the final is played under the rules of a team match.


-58 kg Toni Lahtinen, Loviisa Taekwondo
-68 kg Sami Lahtinen, Loviisa Taekwondo
-80 kg Juho Kostiainen, TU11
+80 Teemu Heino, TU11

Maintenance team:


Petteri Kauppinen, TU11


Juho Ranta, TU11

Technical delegate and team leader:

Sampo Pajulampi, TU11


Autumn practice times from August 10, 2013

New training groups will start in the fall.

Invictus starts from the beginning of September. It is a group aimed at talented young people, where they train for competitions. There is a separate additional fee for Invictus training and you can only join the group through entrance exams.

For 7-15-year-olds who have achieved green belt, special exercises are organized on Friday, where movement sequences and other more advanced techniques are reviewed.

On Sunday, there will be a free shift in the program, when enthusiasts who have paid the season fee can practice their own stuff. There is a black-faced instructor or assistant instructor who you can ask for tips and who will take care of order.

Training map_S2013_final


Teemu in Hesar


Teemu at the World Championships - defeat in the second match

After the first match.
After the first match.

Teemu Heino started his competitive career nicely by beating the young Serbian Relja Prosenicka with a score of 5-0.

In the second round, the silver medalist of the London Olympics, Gabon's Anthony Obame, was stronger 0-1. The judges reeled for a long time about the back spin hit of the 3rd set, but did not accept it as a point performance. Teemu's career ended with this match.

Obame continued to the final and became world champion.

Teemu's performance can be considered good. Returning from a serious injury to the top of the world has been successful. It will be interesting to see if Heino will also represent Finland in the spring European Championships.

Match schedule:

Some kind of performance tracking:

Teemu at Taekwondodata:

Prosenicka at Taekwondodata:

Obame on Taekwondodata:


The World Cup culminates for the Finns

For Finns, Teemu and Suvi culminate the main event of the taekwondo year in our sport. Teemu will compete on Friday and Suvi will compete on Thursday. Teemu's match will take place around 17:30 Finnish time.

Teemu and Juho finish. (photo: Jesus Ramal)
Teemu and Juho finish. (photo: Jesus Ramal)
Opening loss for Suvi

Suvi lost his opening match to Cuba's Nunez in the overtime. The actual match ended in a tie 3-3.

More information

Teemu diagram.png
Summer diagram.png

You can follow the matches live online at

In addition, you can watch the matches afterwards at the address


Teemu Heino represents Finland at the World Championships

logotypeTeemu represents Finland and TU11

Taekwondo athletes 2011 are strongly represented at the World Championships. Finland's second representative is Teemu Heino in the men's +87 kg category. Another representative is Budokwa's Suvi Mikkonen.

Teemu has a tough race ahead of him, especially since the recovery from the surgery after the injury dragged out the decision to participate until the end. However, the finishing has gone reasonably well and the match style has also found new elements. At least success is not dependent on experience, as Teemu is the competitor with the longest career in value competitions in one tournament with Lopez from the USA.

Juho Ranta takes care of the athletes' well-being

The technical team includes Juho Ranta, who in his capacity as a physiotherapist treats both athletes to peak condition before the competition. Since the Finnish team is small, there are many tasks and the title of physiotherapist is quite broad.

Teemu will fight on Friday 19.7.

Every Taekwondo athlete naturally has their thumbs and big toes up when Teemu grapples. You can probably also follow the matches online, although the time difference presents its own challenges.





Official site:

And on Facebook:

And the video is promised here:


20 enthusiasts in the pop-up training sessions of taekwondo athletes and Zackhie Asidah

Asida taekwondoFriday 14.6. twenty enthusiastic taekwondo enthusiasts took part in the organized training. The longest journey was made by representatives of Mukwani from Jyväskylä. The long-time Danish competitor and coach guaranteed fast-paced training.

The training culminated the Dane's and Teemu Heino's training week, where they honed their form with an eye on the upcoming World Championships.

Asidah in taekwondo data>>

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