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Taekwondo athletes' open day 26.8.

Come and learn about the versatile hobby of taekwondo!

Right now is a great time to start practicing taekwondo. The open day for taekwondo athletes is here again, and anyone can get to know the sport by watching, trying and asking questions. The club's instructors are there to talk about the sport, the club and the training, so the answers to the mind-boggling questions can be found in Konala, Helsinki, Corduroy 3 Con Saturday 26.8.2017. The doors open at 12:00 and are open until five, even longer if there are enough people interested. In the future, e.g. introductory training opportunities, competitions, raffle for training months, etc. And serving coffee and juice - of course!

There is no bad age or condition to start taekwondo, the sport is suitable for everyone. Small children learn general physical skills, and with seniors we go at a calm, but still developing pace. For the young and enthusiastic, our club offers fast-paced training and learning competitive sports under the leadership of our country's most successful taekwondo athletes. In our club, there are many families, where both children of different ages and parents enthusiastically pursue their own goals, or together in family groups. So don't worry, start taekwondo!

Doors open at 12:00 and close at 17:00


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A huge haul of trophies from the Ambassador's Cup

The Ambassador's Cup, organized for the second time, gathered taekwondo people to compete both in movement series and in a match in Vantaa's Tikkurila on November 12, 2016. Taekwondo athletes had a strong representation in both forms of competition, and we can be very satisfied with the day's performances.

Competitors at a good pace

The taekwondo athletes had no fewer than 29 representatives in the match series, so there was enough excitement for the whole day. The huge trophy haul shows that there were enough top moments and successes. A busy coach doesn't quite notice all the tricks, but at least Paul remembered Venne's gutsy three-win fight for a series win, Lauri's accurate spot-kicks, Iines' ferocious kicking power, Jenny's tremendous self-confidence, Janika's tactical skills, Plum's solid work ethic, Aleksi's will to win, Bardia's struggle against the Estonian hurray, and Jaden's , Markus and Kaisla's brave first contact on the national competition mats. Many other things also fell into place, and as said, one coach's eye is not enough to see everyone.

Sampo, Pauli, Juho, Riina, Petteri and Teemu were responsible for the coaching on the match side. The exchange of words between the coaches after the games was very positive. As the season draws to a close, many goals can already be considered fulfilled for the fall. Another big thank you from the coaching team to all the competitors and congratulations on your success!

An efficient and stylish team in the business series

The team of taekwondo athletes got in shape for competition under the treatment of the team's official stylist, Somporn Kopisto. The team was easily the most stylish of the games and there was no doubt about their efficiency. The coaches are Juho Ranta and Essi Labart. Of course, Essi managed to grab gold in both of his series before this. In general, the upswing of business series athletes that continued throughout the fall continued again at the Ambassador's Cup. Essi was satisfied and proud of the team's performance, and Juhokaa did not spare hyperbole in his later report.

The club and the coaching team congratulate the winners!

Janika Sophia  Hairstyle you guysplum

Special thanks to Subaru, who provided the team with subs at the end of the race! #hankssubaru

All rankings

Contestant / Match series Investment
Venne Viitaniemi D2 – Kids -30 Kg 1.
Venne Viitaniemi D2 – Kids -35 Kg 9.
Lauri Hulikkala C2 – Kids -44 Kg


Henri Hulikkala D2 – Kids -40kg


Iines Korhonen D2 – Kids -30 Kg


Jenny Vettenniemi D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Sofia Sarala D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Sofia Sarala D1 – Kids -28 Kg


Aino Kortelainen D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Janika Tatti D1 – Kids -37 Kg


Janika Tatti C2 – Kids -36 Kg


Markus Liuko E1 – Kids -26 Kg 9.
Frans Orjasniemi D2 – Kids -35 Kg 5.
Aleksi Koskelainen D2 – Kids -45 Kg 1.
Kaisla Seimola D2 – Kids -30 Kg


Jade Salko C2 – Kids -42 Kg


Plum Duplicator C1 – Cadets -41 Kg


Plum Duplicator C1 – Cadets -45 Kg


Ali Pirveisi C1 – Cadets -53 Kg


Bardia Mirzaei R1 – Seniors -68 Kg


Aino Kortelainen C1 – Cadets -33 Kg


Emilia Lahti C1 – Cadets -51 Kg


Emilia Lahti B1 – Juniors -52 Kg


Luca Leskinen C1 – Cadets -33 Kg


Luca Leskinen C1 – Cadets -37 Kg


Jenny Vettenniemi C1 – Cadets -29 Kg


Severi Sarala B1 – Juniors -63 Kg


Sara Quinones C1 – Cadets -41 Kg


Tuikku Holopainen C1 – Cadets -47 Kg


Competitor / Business series Medal place
Plum Duplicator Cadets Male 3.
Christian Kamphuis U30 Chess 2.
Essi Labart U30 Female 1.
Aino Kortelainen Kids Blue Female 2.
Bella Buri Kids Green Female 2.
Victoria Hentunen Kids Green Female
Sofia Sarala Kids Blue Female 3.
Aino Kortelainen Blue Belts Female 1
Sara Quinones Kids Red-Black Female 2.
Essi Labart & Christian Kamphuis U30 Pair 1.
Bella Buuri & Victoria Hentunen Kids Pair 3.
Aino Kortelainen & Sofia Sarala Kids Pair
Sara Quinones & Mia Knuttson (Espoo Hwarang Team) Kids Pair 1.
Bella, Victoria, Sofia Kids Team
Aino, Sara, Mia (Espoo Hwarang Team) Kids Team 1.
Christian Kamhuis Freestyle 1.


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The spring season for taekwondo athletes starts on January 11.

The spring season starts fast

Taekwondo athletes' training is still on break for Epiphany week, but on Monday 11.1. training will start again as usual. There have been small changes in the practice times, which you can check from here. Tapiola's shifts will also continue with the same schedules as in the fall. Kalajärvi the spring course starts on Thursday 21.1.

The gym elves knew how to tell that the most enthusiastic trainers couldn't bear to stay away from the taekwondo mats during the Christmas holidays. A group of young competitors of Taekwondo athletes camped in Madrid in a tough company. You can read about their struggles from here. The ceiling height of the own hall was also tested on 27.12. at the organized skill and jump kick camp. The camp was attended by belt ranks from 10th cup to 4th dan and the age range was 7-45 years. Still, despite the starting level, everyone learned a lot of new ways to use their body versatilely.

At the same time, Jenna Partanen and Teemu Heino have finished their preparations for the European Olympic qualifiers, which will be held on January 16-17. in Istanbul, Turkey. Go read Teemu's thoughts from here and liking Jenna's athlete page here! Sampo Pajulampi and Juho Ranta will also go on the trip as support troops. Juho works as the team's physiotherapist. Our club is therefore quite strongly represented at the most important taekwondo event in Europe at the beginning of the year. We will hear more about this trip later!

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Spring training calendar for taekwondo athletes

Some changes to spring practice times

As the autumn season is still coming to an end, we are already looking to the future. Konala's spring training calendar has been edited. Due to the characteristics of our sport, the size of the groups, the age distribution and the distribution of belts live constantly, which forces us to check the training calendar again every time the season ends. Some of the changes are due, for example, to the fact that during the fall two groups practicing at the same time have grown so big that the gym is starting to get small for both. Some, on the other hand, have their roots in the instructors' scheduling issues. For the sake of clarity, the group in which the enthusiast should train at any given time is listed below.


Group Level Hobbyists
0-3 Babies, toddlers and toddlers See the descriptions in more detail on the groups' own pages
3-6 Rudiments Beginners, one sleeve label owners
Sequel Two sleeve badges and from the yellow belt upwards
7-14 Rudiments White and yellow belts
Sequel Yellow belts with one or two green ribbons
Advanced Green belts and higher belt values
14+ Rudiments White and yellow belts
Sequel Green and blue belts
Advanced Red and black belts
Match All Everyone from yellow upwards who are interested in the match
Elite A competitive team striving for international success
Business series Buff Everyone who is interested in practicing movement sequences
Race group Business series competitions are attended by enthusiasts and athletes

Schedule_spring2016Spring practice times


Junnu's belt test in September

The first belt test of the fall for junior enthusiasts

The first belt tests of the autumn season for junior enthusiasts are held:

3-6 years crazy 17.9

17-18: Elementary group

18-19: Extension group

7-14 years crazy 23.9

17-18.30: Yellow belt and one green ribbon

18:30-20:00: Two green ribbons and higher belts


Those enthusiasts who have enough training times and time from the last belt test can take the belt exams. A list of these people will be posted on the notice board in the hall. You can ask the instructors of your group for more information. The prices of belt tests can be found From the price list. The price of the test includes a new belt or a ribbon at the end of the belt.


We sweated and had fun at Junnuje's summer camp

GuaranteeIMG_1145b26 eager children and young people were able to practice taekwondo under the guidance of Paul and Tanja at the wondour players' summer camp. There were training sessions twice a day, and in them we delved into changing themes ranging from acrobatics to matches and from movement sequences to self-defense. Some of the riders got a fast-paced first contact with the sport. Between workouts, we spent time outdoors and excited about Kung-fu Panda's adventures. A tasty lunch was eaten at the lunch table of the cafe Corelli, and additional energy was refueled in the afternoon with a snack. Taekwondo athletes thank all campers.

You can visit the club for more pictures from facebook pages.

























Rapid success from Nurmijärvi

The record-breaking team of taekwondo athletes won plenty of medals from the competitions held in Nurmijärvi on April 5. In the morning, the junior leagues were played, and in the afternoon, the adult hobbyists and the cadet, junior and adult league series. The competition gathered almost 400 contestants from Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

It's easy for a winner to smile
It's easy for a winner to smile


Taekwondo athletes' catch was:

6 gold

7 silver

6 bronze





Morning rankings

Rooster Pulled D2-Kids -45 Kg  2.
Röttä Elias D2-Kids -35 Kg 5.-8.
Mattila Yuri D2-Kids -45 Kg  1.
Hilly Arttu D2-Kids -35 Kg  9.-16.
Koskelainen Alex D2-Kids -40 Kg  5.-8.
Tolonen Hannes D2-Kids -40 Kg 3.
from Savoia Jonah D2-Kids -40 Kg  5.-8.
Lake of Light Werner D2-Kids -45 Kg  5.-8.
Quinones Eddie D1-Kids -40 Kg  1.
John Sthl D1-Kids -30 Kg  1.
A widow Luca D1-Kids -26 Kg 2.
Sarala Severus C2-Kids -44 Kg  1.
Titian Linus C2-Kids -62 Kg  5.-8.
Moullaev Megi C2-Kids -44 Kg  3.
Tatti Janika E1-Kids -30 Kg  2.
Cederlof Camilla E1-Kids -30 Kg  3.
Quinones_ Sedge E1-Kids -30 Kg  1.
Hilly Neat E1-Kids -34 Kg  2.
Marinkov Cecile C2-Kids -42 Kg  5.-8.
Sippola Alina C2-Kids -42 Kg  5.-8.
Röttä Emilia C2-Kids +58 Kg  3.
Mattila Isabella C2-Kids -42 Kg  3.


Afternoon placements

Whip Daniel Adult Beginners +80 Kg  5.-8.
Saw James Adult Beginners +80 Kg  3.
Laaksonen Lasse Adult Beginners -68 Kg  9.-16.
Under Pirveisi C1-Cadets -37 Kg  2.
Väyrynen Alex Juniors -45 Kg  2.
Lyre Minna Adult Beginners +67 Kg  2.
Väyrynen Whereby C1-Cadets -37 Kg  1.
Arable land Alice Seniors -62kg 3.

Sara Nurmijärvi at the indoor competition

Saran's match with main contact from last weekend's indoor competition from Nurmijärvi.

Sara Quiñones Friendly Match Nurmijärvi Salikisat march 2014



Eddie's match from Trelleborg

Eddie Leoncio Gold Medal in Trelleborg Sweden 2014


Eddie and Sara's skill samples from Madrid

Eddie Leoncio en Madrid WTC 2013

Sara en Madrid Taekwondo WTC II 2013


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