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9 new DAN values for TU

The summer Dan exam started on Saturday, June 8 at 9:00 a.m. A little before the start of the test, the examinees warmed up and mentally prepared themselves for the day ahead. The excitement and excitement of the exam was palpable. The belt test started after proper warm-ups with the basic technique section. The hand techniques flew at a fast pace in the air, accompanied by loud claps. Hand technique combinations were continued into the basic kicks and jumping kicks of taekwondo.

Kicks and hand techniques were soon performed with the pair, where the test subjects' ability to perform controlled and precise actions was evaluated. The first part of the test continued with a fast-paced kicking and punching part, making sure that each contestant gave it their all and let the fighter's spirit take care of passing the Spirit down to the test keepers.

The first part ended with a movement series part, where each poomsae was carefully reviewed. Sabukokelaat finally got to perform at the Chonkwong business series. The last section before the break was the crushing section, which tested the power generation skills of the contestants and their technical know-how in crushing. The pieces of the board flew wildly in the air and the hard kicks accompanied the crushing as the experimenters did their best.

After a short refueling stop, we continued to the theory part of taekwondo, where the test takers discussed the history of the sport of taekwondo and other theory questions. Next, the experiment continued to the more applicable part of the sport, when the experimenters presented their skills in 1- and 3-step matches.

After the varied step matches, the test continued towards the self-defense section. Breakaways, two-on-one defense, take-overs and defense against various attacks came next for each test team. Sabukokelaa were arguing with each other and defending themselves against a fighter attacking with a wooden stick.

From self-defense, we moved on to testing the technical know-how of the contestants. The contestants showed their best in the technical exercises and part of the taekwondo match. It smoothly moved on to the end of the exam and sparring, i.e. a taekwondo match with rules. The tryouts received different players and tried to show their best match skills and the so-called sparring with an opponent. As the final climax in the test, we got to compete against two opponents according to the match rules.
This is how the exam came to an end after seven hours at around 4 pm.

Laura's comments about the exam from my new sabumnim

Before the exam, butterflies in my stomach, I was waiting for what the coming day would bring. When it was time to start the exam, the focus was strictly on what we were asked to show and what we wanted to evaluate. The basic technique section challenged taekwondo with versatile technique combinations and jumping kicks.

They were able to test their physical limits for real in sections that require hard aerobic fitness, e.g. in prolonged kick tricks and punch combinations. The crushes were great to watch, and the experimenters got to alternate between hand and kick technique.

In the more suitable parts of the afternoon, a quick reaction to various attacks and fighting situations was required. Self-defense and the intensity of the match made sure that every contestant had to dig out the spirit of a fighter.
In many of the applied parts, the examinees were given a very free hand to show their best skills, and the examiners did not limit or guide too much how to act in the situation. This allowed everyone to show their best ability to apply in self-defense and combat situations and defend themselves against the attacker(s).

In the sparring part at the end of the test, the legs were pressed and the limits of one's own physics and endurance were put to the test. It was amazing to notice that with a good spirit, hard work and of course an unyielding attitude, despite the fatigue, it was possible to find more energy and survive the dan-koe with honor until the end.

After the final feedback, the atmosphere was happy, relieved and satisfied. Smiles appeared on the faces of the test takers when we heard that everyone had passed the test and received a new belt value at the end of the 7 hours of rigorous testing and hard crunching.

The examiners' thoughts about the day

In the morning at eight o'clock I started from home and headed to the gym in the morning sun. Although there have already been several dan exams during my career, today there was something special in the air. The expectation was that today would be a really tough test, when the hall is full of long-time taekwondo professionals. And I'm happy to say that the experiments were really great. Better than you could hope for. Here, those who tried the best possible model of what doing can currently look like received their first Dan.

On behalf of the organizers of the exam, once again, very good luck to all the candidates. You can be really proud and satisfied with your own achievements. From here it is very good to continue towards the next belt values.

- Peter

The experiment was supervised by Hannu Vikströn, Timo Jannson and Petteri Kauppinen

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