Price list offers a 6-month contract for all enthusiasts and their family members for €20/month and for athletes training in competitive teams for €15/month. Order your card at and choose "TU11 family" or "TU11 athlete" as the contract.


4-6 year olds


Basic exercises

6-9 year olds


General motor skills and games
Hobby shop series
An amateur match

10-15 year olds


Basic exercises
General motor skills and games
Hobby shop series
An amateur match

Over 15 years old


Basic exercises
Hobby shop series
An amateur match
Fitness circuit 20€/month for enthusiasts in a group over 15 years old

Racing groups


All basic exercises
Fitness circuit
Morning exercises
A competitive match
Competition series
Possibility to use the hall for your own training
For fans of the racing group 15€/month

All prices stated above are prices for one month of training | Training fees are always invoiced in 3-month periods | The hobbyist can terminate the training contract with a notice, in which case it ends at the end of the current billing period. Notification of termination of the training contract must be made before the start of the next invoicing period. | Invoices are sent by email. You will receive an invoice for the new billing period automatically two weeks before the start of the period. | By paying the training fee, the enthusiast becomes a member of the Taekwondo athletes 2011 Association.

Family discount

If several enthusiasts from the same family practice taekwondo, the first one pays the full season fee, the other family members receive -15% discount of monthly payments. The discount does not apply to the 10-time card.

10 card


In all groups, you can also do 10 practice sessions with a card. The 10-card is suitable for enthusiasts who visit the gym irregularly, about once a week, for example due to urgent schedules. The 10-card is also a flexible way to go, for example, to competitive practices of Taekwondo athletes, even if the basic practices are at another club. For example, you can get a ticket for a competition group at half price if you already have a season contract in another group.

Family courses

Baby Taekwondo
2 months-1 year olds

150€/10 times

1-2 year olds

150€/10 times

Muksu Taekwondo
2-3 year olds

€150/10 times

Muksu Taekwondo
3-5 year olds

€150/10 times

A family affair
+5 years old

€150/10 times

+1 family member


Private tuition

Coaches hold private lessons outside of regular practice. You can get private lessons on any subject, and for every aspect of taekwondo or side training, you can find special expertise among the coaches. You can ask for private lessons directly from the coach whose lesson you would like to attend, or by sending an e-mail inquiry to the address.


Without a valid continuous contract +€20

2 enthusiasts


Without a valid continuous contract +€10

3 enthusiasts

15 €

Without a valid continuous contract +€5

4 enthusiasts


Without a valid continuous contract +€2.5

Small group training

In small group training, a group of 3-5 athletes decide on a common goal and train 2 times a week under Bardia's guidance. The group is always arranged for one calendar month at a time, when the exercises will be from 9 to 12. The monthly price is €38/month in addition to the competition contract. The athletes are required to be active and flexible so that the groups can be formed and the exercises managed. If a practice is missed, it will not be refunded.

Both private lessons are arranged directly with Bardia (, although Sampo and Pauli help with the arrangements as needed.



Other services

Laundry service €15/month

6-month contract total €90, 1-month continuous contract €20/month, opening fee €20, 

Cabinet rental for own use €7/month

A 6-month contract totals €42

Hall rental for own use 25€

Without a valid ongoing contract +35€

Taekwondo birthdays 150€

Without a valid ongoing contract +50€

Taekwondo guidance for a group Ask the price!

Taekwondo demonstration Ask the price!

We plan the show according to your needs!

  • Private enthusiasts mean persons who have a continuous training contract valid at the Taekwondo athletes' gym
  • The gym rental includes the training space and the use of training equipment. The hall can be rented for use by Taekwondo athletes outside of regular practice times. Free use of the hall can be rented to several enthusiasts at the same time, but in such a way that everyone is guaranteed 1/4 of the hall at their disposal. The hall can be divided with intermediate curtains
  • Taekwondo guidance for the group applies, for example, to school groups, work groups and stag groups coming to the gym
  • Read more taekwondo birthdays

Coach fee
  • A coach fee of €10/athlete is charged for domestic competitions and €50/athlete for foreign competitions
  • In addition to race day coaching, the coaching fee includes personal feedback after the races

Payment methods

  • Invoice (all invoices are sent by email)
  • Cash
  • Different types of Stimulus Vouchers

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Call us: 0451827290
Visit in person or send traditional mail: Ristipellontie 14, FI-00390 Helsinki

A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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