Ristipellontie 14, instructions for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists

The traffic environment of the new hall is challenging to say the least. Here are some instructions for those traveling by foot, car or bicycle. Motorists in particular must follow these instructions to the letter!


Doors TU11 HAC Punttisali.com

Only Punttisali.com customers who already have a pass can pass through the Ristipellontie side of the building. Others use the doors at the back of the building. The first door is used by HAC and the second door is used by TU11, Punttisalin.com and the HAC athletes who use the locker room.


The walking route runs counter-clockwise around the building. Use caution. Crossing Ristipellontie is particularly dangerous because there is no crosswalk.

By road

Motorists have a special responsibility for the safety of pedestrians. Follow these instructions as well as the additional instructions given to you verbally and with traffic signs!

Driving routes

Driving routes TU11 HAC Punttisali.com

Travel around the building is counter-clockwise. Pay attention to parking spaces and no-parking areas.

The middle gate is used for entry and the exit takes place from the south or north gate.

No-parking areas

Parking prohibited areas TU11 HAC PUNTTISALI.COM

Parking is allowed only in marked places. Places on the loading bridge (marked in orange) are reserved for transport and maintenance traffic.

Parking is strictly prohibited behind the building (red area).

Parking spaces

The places marked in green are used by HAC, TU11 and Punttisali.com users. Only use marked places.

The areas marked in yellow are used by HAC, TU11 and Punttisali.com users 17.00-7.00. Only use marked places.

On the opposite side of Ristipellontie, there is plenty of parking both along the street and in the parking lots. Please note any restrictions!

By bike

Bicycles TU11 HAC Punttisali.com

Space is reserved for bicycles in the area between the doors of HAC and TU11/Punttisali.com. Use caution when moving around the area. Do not leave your bike on the road. 

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