Forms of sports support for low-income children and young people

Everyone faces different financial challenges along the way. However, exercising is important. We have put together a few entities that can help.

TU11 support

Through the taekwondo athletes' campaign, we have collected money to support needy enthusiasts during a difficult time and also after. There have been a lot of support donations, and we can once again be grateful and proud of the unwavering support of our enthusiasts and those close to us.

The grant application is open to all enthusiasts under the age of 16.

Make an application using the form found at the link below. Write the reasons on a general level. Do not put sensitive information in the application, and not, for example, your income in numbers. We ask for clarifications as needed. The recipients of the support are determined primarily according to the wishes of the supporters. If there are no wishes, we will put the applicants in order based on the applications. The receipt of support will be notified by e-mail.

Temporary payment difficulties

In case of temporary payment difficulties, please contact the director of operations Pauli to Raivio. The club can, for a justified reason, grant payment time or make its own payment program. Be on the move as early as possible, preferably before the start of the new billing period.

Income support customers

If the family has Kela's decision on income support, the municipalities can grant discretionary support for hobbies.


The Social and Health Agency of the City of Helsinki can grant income support for the hobby costs of children from low-income families. The decision is made on an individual basis. This means that the decision is based on what the family's income and expenses and other life situation are like. Support can be applied for children under the age of 18. Support can be granted to families who have been granted basic income support from Kela. The application is made in the parents' name and the child's name is included in the application. You can also apply for support for equipment. The city of Helsinki has not defined a fixed amount that can be granted for a child's hobby expenses per month/year. You can get more information about income support from the City of Helsinki's social support telephone service in Finnish at tel. 09 3105 6257


Supplemental income support can be granted for children's hobby expenses based on a long-term income support customership. A customer family receiving long-term basic income support can be granted supplementary income support for one guided hobby/child/year as follows: 
– for 0-3 year olds €100/year.
– for 4–5-year-olds €200/year.
– for 6–11-year-olds €400/year. – €500/year for 12–17-year-olds. 
- In addition, for children's trips and camps (not camp schools and school trips) a maximum of €150/child/year More information on income support can be found on the city of Espoo's website at and supplementary income support


Discretionary support for one reasonably priced hobby can be granted for children's hobby expenses and camps of families that have received a KELA income support decision. You can get more information from the number 09 839 233 84 (select supplementary income support). You can make an application COUNTRYthrough .

Other parties


HOPE Ry. helps low-income and families with children who have faced a sudden crisis (with children aged 0-17) and children taken into care. Support can be applied for with a free-form application.

HOPE – Applying for support >>


The Tukikummit foundation collects funds for those young people who are in danger of falling out of hobbies and groups of friends. Most of the grants are directed to supporting hobbies.

SUPPORT SPONSORS – Applying for a grant >>

Save the Children Association.

Save the children helps children at home and around the world. Hobby support is intended for children under the age of 18 whose starting or continuing a hobby is threatened due to the family's tight financial situation.

Save the Children - hobby support >>


The support line supports children and families with permanent limitations in life. For example, people with intellectual disabilities can seek help from Tukilinja. The support line provides support for hobby equipment.

Applying for supporter's hobby equipment assistance >>


Kojamo distributes scholarships to those who have already trained for a longer period of time, who may already have success.

Kojamo's scholarship program >>

Valio Academy

Valio Academy distributes scholarships enabling exercise and sports once a year.

Valio Academy >>

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A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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