Taekwondo athletes' I & II level trainings are open to everyone. There is still room in the autumn 2020 groups.


  • Gives basic knowledge and skills to the independent instructor of the groups
  • 4 short episodes and tasks
  • Responsibility trainer Pauli Raivio
  • Price 250€

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  • Gives basic knowledge and skills to those interested in coaching athletes
  • Episodes 1-3 common for match and poom coaches, 4.-5. with differentiated contents
  • 5 short periods and tasks (total approx. 40h)
  • Responsibility trainer Sampo Pajulampi
  • The trainers are Sampo Pajulampi, Pauli Raivio, Teemu Heino, Kim Sinisalo and visitors
  • Price €350

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The program of recent episodes


6 September 2020 Start of training

3 October 2020 Planning and implementation of the exercise 

7.11.2020 Teaching methods, learning in general and giving feedback 

5.12.2020 Postponed to the distant future. Training goals for different groups and long-term training, how do you reach the goals with groups with different learners? 

The local period is always organized between 10:00 and 14:00. At the evening party of the last period, diplomas are handed out and we spend time together.

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Level II

6.9.2020 Sport, athlete and coach

  • Sports field - the coach's place on the field
  • The athlete's development as a central goal
  • Motivational factors of coaching
  • The ethics of coaching

3.10.2020  4.10.2020 The coach work (Note! day changed to Porvoo due to the race)

  • Didactics
  • Dealing with stressors

7.11. Physical training

  • Physical characteristics from the point of view of competitive taekwondo
  • The amount, quality and planning of training

5.12.2020 Postponed to the distant future. Match tactics / movement sequence performance

  • Tactical models / Fundamentals of technology
  • Creativity as part of tactics / Presentation
  • Basics of defense / Freestyle
  • Video analysis as a learning tool

16.1.2020 Competitions 

  • Race day structure
  • Communication in a competition situation
  • Rules
  • Taping
  • First aid

The local period is always organized between 10:00 and 18:00. Take enough snacks with you, there are cooking facilities in the gym, and there are both places to eat and shops nearby. At the end of the last period, diplomas are awarded to the participants.

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    A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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