How do I participate in competitions and what is required?


  • You can read about competition training and how to start it in the coaching blog: The first steps of the competitor's path in Taekwondo athletes
  • In all competitions, the series are divided according to age, size and skill level. Your opponents are therefore on the same line as you, so in this regard, participating in the games should not be stressful.
  • The competitions cost around €35, depending on the event, and the club will invoice the participants afterwards.
  • You register for the competition by sending an email or to your own coach during training. Those under 18 must have parental consent to compete. The registration deadline is always about a week before the games, so please register in time.
  • In all competitions, you need a license from the Finnish Taekwondo Association, which you can order from the association's website. You must also have insurance. If your own insurance does not cover taekwondo competition, you can also order insurance when buying a license.
  • In matches, you need your own protection (Helmet, mouth guards, match gloves, arm guards, shin guards, lower guards and electronic foot guards). You can borrow some of the covers from the club if necessary.
  • There is always a coach/coaches in the competitions who tell you what happens in the competitions and guide you during the competition day.

How do I get protection?

The guards guarantee safe training and competition. In addition to the suit, taekwondo equipment includes the protections needed for match training. In all groups, we practice match techniques with a couple at least once a month, and from further groups onward, more often. Good protections guarantee safe training. You can always borrow pads from the club, but we strongly recommend buying your own. This way, the size is guaranteed to be correct and you don't have to be afraid of sweaty surprises from previous workouts. The loan protections have also been in use for years and are no longer like new. Gym equipment shop Pro Dobok Finland offers protection packages for enthusiasts at a reduced price.

You can get the order form from the form holder. Return the form to the counter and we will deliver the protection directly to your training!

Basic hobbyist protection package – €45

Suitable for enthusiasts who attend basic groups
The package includes arm guards and shin guards.

Protection package for an active enthusiast – €109

Suitable for amateurs participating in amateur matches and indoor competitions
The package includes arm guards, shin guards, tooth guards, lower guards and a match helmet.

Competitive athlete's protection package – €180

Suitable for those who attend or aim for competition training and competitions. The package includes arm guards, shin guards, tooth guards, lower guards, a match helmet, match gloves and armour.

Competitions also require electronic foot protectors, which Pro Dobok Finland does not have a license to sell.

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A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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