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Master class

Private lessons from top instructors for advanced students

Now you can get Teemu Heino (6th dan), Petteri Kauppinen (5th dan), Juho Kostiainen (3rd dan) or Pauli Raivio (5th dan) to help you as you strive towards your goals. Whether it's a belt test, competitions, developing physical qualities or learning something new, you'll get the best possible support for your endeavors. You can also assemble a small group with a common goal.

When you sign up, you can make a request for an instructor. When registering, you also state your goals for the course. The counselors then evaluate the most suitable among them to help you achieve your goal. Once the instructor has been selected, he will contact you. You agreed on the schedule and other practical matters. The visits are scheduled for a relatively long period. The first time, the starting level is assessed and the goals are defined in more detail and ways to achieve them are considered. In the following visits, the necessary tools will be adopted and the development will be monitored.

After each meeting, you will receive short feedback and things to do between meetings. At the end, you will receive an assessment of the achievement of your goals and a diploma.

The course requires the participant to have basic knowledge and skills as well as a very strong personal motivation.


Teemu Heino

Olympic athlete (Athens 2004) and multiple EC medalist is WT official trainer

Petteri Kauppinen

The Finnish champion of both forms of competition has lived and trained in Korea and represented our country in the national team of movement series.

Juho Kostiainen

Ranked the best in -68 kg in Europe 2010. Iron Man competitor and multiple medalist of international tournaments, e.g. Serbian Open winner.

Pauli Raivio

Poom trainer and training and learning expert.


5 times x 1.5h package €350, additional persons €150/per person.
10 times x 1.5h  package €550, additional persons €200/per person.

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    Call us: 0451827290
    Visit in person or send traditional mail: Ristipellontie 14, FI-00390 Helsinki

    A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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