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How many times a week do you have to go to training to keep up with the group?

You can visit the beginners' group at your own pace. However, if you want development more often than once a week, it would be good to visit.

Does practicing taekwondo have religious aspects?

Taekwondo does not practice religion. Taekwondo is a pure combat sport that teaches good manners, perseverance and discipline. Korean culture puts its own stamp on the sport's label, but there is nothing religious about it.

What kind of clothes should I wear for training?

At first, for example, track pants or sweatpants and a T-shirt are enough for training. Later, the training takes place in a taekwondo uniform (dobok), which is easy to get at a sales point connected to the gym. Training takes place with bare toes, or with the permission of the instructor for a justified reason, with taekwondo shoes.

Where is our hall located?

Our room is located in Konala, Helsinki, at the intersection of Vihdintie and Kehä I, near the borders of Vantaa and Espoo. The address of the hall is Ristipellontie 14, 00390 Helsinki.

Where can I get taekwondo equipment?

You can get all the necessary equipment from the gym at an affordable price.

What should you bring to the exercises?

It is good to have a drinking bottle with you, as well as a towel and a change of clothes, if the purpose is to wash and change clothes in the gym after the exercise. There are spacious and clean changing rooms and washrooms connected to the gym, so you don't have to leave the gym sweaty and dirty.

How is the training fee paid?

First, you fill out the training contract at the gym, after which you will receive the training fee in your email. Pay the bill only when you know you will continue the hobby after the trial period ends. The due date of the invoice is also the last day of the trial period. We always invoice the exercises in 3-month periods.

How does taekwondo practice develop the body?

Taekwondo training strengthens and flexes the whole body, because in taekwondo you work with both hands and feet. When doing work with legs and hands, the middle body has to support what is being done and thus the middle body also gets stronger. Taekwondo training affects the muscles of the pelvis and legs the most, which are strengthened in an exceptionally versatile way compared to many other sports. In addition to strengthening and toning the body, taekwondo also develops reaction ability, balance and...

Is taekwondo a safe hobby and sport?

Yes! Taekwondo is a safe form of hobby and sport for all ages, and according to insurance statistics, very few serious accidents occur in taekwondo. During the exercises, our qualified and experienced instructors take care of the safety of the enthusiasts. In competitions, on the other hand, the competition rules and the judges supervising them guarantee the safety of the competitors. Although taekwondo is a full-contact sport, even in competitions the goal is to collect points and not to injure the opponent. This idea can be seen in all the training in the gym of Taekwondo athletes.

Can I drink during taekwondo training?

In taekwondo exercises, drink breaks are taken regularly depending on the level of exertion of the exercise - the more strenuous the exercise, the more drink breaks.

Do we do pair training in the exercises?

In taekwondo exercises, a lot of partner training is done. In pair training, the aim is always to choose enthusiasts of the same level and size as pairs. Usually men are with each other and women are with each other. However, you should not be afraid of pair training, because the teachers make sure that no injuries can happen. You also don't have to come to the exercises in pairs, there is a pair for everyone.

Can the training fee be paid with exercise, culture or exercise vouchers?

Yes. With us, you can with most sports, culture and exercise vouchers. Check it out by contacting us!

Can someone who is in poor physical condition start practicing taekwondo?

The fitness of the starter doesn't matter. Of course, the exercises are done under guidance, but listening to your own body. In taekwondo exercises, the condition develops quickly and the training starts to be enjoyed more and more as the condition and skills develop.

Can taekwondo be tried without committing to continuing the hobby?

Yes, you can try taekwondo for two weeks without committing to continuing the hobby. However, these two weeks are part of the first contract period, if you decide to continue.

Can I start taekwondo even though the season has already started?

In the gym of taekwondo athletes, exercises are carried out in such a way that new enthusiasts are constantly included in the so-called from the flight, and the beginner hobbyist does not need to know if he can just go along. In the beginner groups, no one has practiced the sport for a very long time, so there are training buddies of approximately the same level in the groups. When the enthusiast develops sufficiently, he can move on to a further group to learn new things. The beginner's group remains for learning the basics and everyone is…


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