Private lessons

In addition to basic exercises and additional exercises, Taekwondo athletes offer private lessons for enthusiasts who want to deepen their skills in some aspect of the sport.

In a private lesson, the enthusiast and the coach focus closely on the training of a single area, and the enthusiast receives immediate and continuous feedback on their performance. Because of this, we make considerable progress in just one hour. Private lessons are also held for two enthusiasts and for more enthusiasts.

In a private lesson:

  • You can practice exactly the area in which you want to improve. E.g:
    • Match technique 
    • A new range of motion or refining of range of motion
    • Basic technique and steps
    • Self-defense and step fights
    • Preparing for the belt exam
    • Physical training 
    • Weight training
  • You will receive immediate and continuous feedback on your performance 
  • You can arrange an hour flexibly according to your own schedule

This is how you book a private lesson

send email and book an appointment. At the same time, tell us what subject you would like to practice and we will book a coach accordingly. You can also book a lesson directly from the trainers in the gym. Race team members can use Slack to book an hour. 

You can still agree with the coach about the details. We will send the invoice an hour after that. Get a training mark for the belt tests. 

See the price list >>

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Call us: 0451827290
Visit in person or send traditional mail: Ristipellontie 14, FI-00390 Helsinki

A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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