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Indoor matches Sat 25.3., Sat 22.4 and Sat 27.5.

Indoor competitions are a good way to get to know competing and for more advanced students to hone their skills. In the spring, we organize 3 competitions on Sat 25.3., Sat 22.4 and Sat 27.5.

Welcome to the indoor competitions on Sat 25.3., Sat 22.4 and Sat 27.5. from 11:00 a.m. 15:00!

Salikisa is intended for everyone who wants matches. Points are calculated manually "old-school", so electric socks are not necessary. The event is also perfect for those who have no previous experience in match racing.

The gym competition costs €10 per day. You can also register for all three races at once, in which case the fee is €20. We invoice after the race. Registration is binding and can only be canceled with a medical certificate.

You can also register on the spot, but in that case we will add a €7 late registration fee to the invoice. Payment methods are cash, mobilepay or invoice.


11:00 hall doors open
11:15 joint warm-up
11:30 gym competition starts
15:00 gym competition ends

Registration form

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    Call us: 0451827290
    Visit in person or send traditional mail: Ristipellontie 14, FI-00390 Helsinki

    A license is required for competitions and all association events. In addition, you can acquire affordable training insurance at the same time.

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