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As the Olympic qualifiers approach, there is a reason to have a discussion about the role of elite sports both in general and in our sport in particular. I briefly discussed the importance of elite sports in club activities.

In my opinion, the ethos of sports is summed up well in the motto of the Olympics "Citius, Altius, Fortius". It is a constant striving for better performance. However, general human values, laws and rules limit the means of striving for the best performance and at the same time define the framework for the activity.

From the cross pressure of always striving for betterness and the limitations created by the frames also springs the innovativeness typical of top sports. When performance is guided by rules, athletes strive to do everything within the rules to optimize their chances of success. The IAAF's rule junkies compete with shoe manufacturers, WT changes rules like a shirt, and there is a constant drawing of boundaries regarding permitted training methods, e.g. in the field of sports medicine.

Without holding long meetings, forming committees and writing sophisticated programs, it is quite easy to see what the ethos of sports can mean in club activities, although judging by the number of meetings, committees and programs this seems like a very difficult thing. According to my understanding, the sports club must strive for better performance at all levels with universal human values, laws and agreed rules as guidelines.

You could imagine that here is an easy and clear recipe for a sports club. But the concept can only be effective when all actors understand the nature of the activity and commit to a joint effort. And now we are already at the edge of more difficult things. Constantly striving for betterness requires a clear picture of yourself and your own potential. In addition, development requires constant critical self-evaluation and honest review of operations. The requirements apply to all levels, from the individual to parts of the organization and finally to the entire organization.

What separates sports from elite sports in terms of the quality of activities is the centrality of extending a high level of requirements to everything that is done. Even in the details, the aim is to maximize the conditions favorable to success, and even things that seem like side effects are gutted in order to find the benefit. The difference between good and bad elite sports is finding the most important things and focusing on them. So you have to think through even the little things, but you have to focus on the key factors. This is the most important thing in terms of the success of both top athletes and club activities. When striving for the better, we get lost in the hustle and bustle of side issues and the result is again meetings, committees and programs, and not a high-quality focus on core activities.

Values based purely on the pursuit of success without limitations would quickly lead to unethical solutions. It is important to understand that the Sports Club - just like a top athlete - does not live in a vacuum, separated from society. Although the solutions may be drastic from an outsider's point of view, they must still withstand strict ethical scrutiny.

The previously mentioned innovativeness is also needed. By repeating the same thing, you don't make leaps of development, but instead you start an eternal shelter run and lose the poles in no time.

When choosing priorities for investment, solving problem situations or, for example, developing methods of operation, it is noticed that "Citius, Altius, Fortius", laws or the UN declaration of human rights do not give direct guidelines for action. Like all values-based management, a lot of thinking and discussion is required to find the right solutions. There will be mistakes, but striving towards betterness requires correcting them.

In elite sports, the result is constantly measured. It is a process that goes on forever, with only small respites. Even if there is success, new challenges are always waiting around the corner. From the point of view of the organization, the good thing here is that there is no place for laziness and too much complacency.

For those working in sports management and coaching positions, top sport not only gives purpose, but also challenges them to strive for their best. If the athletes are doing their best, why could or can less be demanded from other sports actors?

The mission of taekwondo athletes is:

Ethically, in a sustainable way, to raise international level top athletes and people who live a sporty lifestyle, and to improve the recognition and status of taekwondo as a sport in Finland.

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