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Spring practice times

No significant changes to practice times in the spring

Spring 2018

  • There will be no changes to the practice times of the basic groups
  • 3-6 year olds are merged back into one age group, 4-6 year olds, which has two practices a week. Wednesday's exercises are divided into two groups according to skill level: In the beginning, those who have completed the tiger sign practice, and in the advanced group, those who have completed the dragon sign and more advanced. For more information about group divisions, you can ask Mari or Paul in the gym. A new division is made, because many of the former 3-4-year-olds wanted two hours a week, and many went to practice with 5-6-year-olds on Mondays anyway.
  • The competition group of the match is divided into two groups according to age. Children practice Mon-Wed from 16-17, and young people and adults in later shifts. Sharing ensures precisely targeted exercises for all age groups. You can get more information about the groups from Sampo.
  • The Tuesday practice of the business series competition group is aimed at children and cadet-age competitors of their own club, who aim for success in both domestic and foreign competitions
  • The adults' own morning workout continues on Tuesday mornings. Welcome aboard!
  • The new practice times come into effect on Monday 8.1.2018
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Timeline of taekwondo athletes

The club is introducing a new tool for monitoring and informing about all the events of the year, please welcome the timeline! The timeline can be found on the website at and it looks like this:

Timeline of taekwondo athletes on the homepage
Timeline of taekwondo athletes on the homepage

All events relevant to the club will be marked on the timeline:

  • match competitions and business series competitions (domestic and foreign)
  • camps (for enthusiasts, competitors, coaches)
  • trainings (own trainings, Union trainings)
  • belt tests for all training groups

In every event we try to add all the necessary information related to taoaht, but if something is left in doubt, you can ask the coaches for advice. However, please don't come and ask before you have checked whether the answer to your question can be found on the timeline :)

The purpose of the timeline is to facilitate the activities of all club members in connection with competitions, camps and belt tests, and the timeline will be updated diligently. Use, practice and give feedback! If the timeline works, then it will be kept in use, but if it seems that it is not working, then we will go back to the old system or come up with something new!

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