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Taekwondo athletes indoor competition 24.2.

The February gym competition opens the spring gym competition league

On Saturday 24.2. the first gym competition of the spring for taekwondo athletes is organized. The competition has changed its location from the traditional Friday evening to Saturday, so that you can take just as long as there is enough power, and it is easy to go and compete even further away. In addition, the competition opens a new exciting salicab league, which has three competitions in the spring. After the last competition, the best boy, girl, man and woman will be awarded with a product prize offered by Pro Dobok Finland. The awardees are selected by comparing the points scored, the number of matches played, the number of wins and the board of trustees' evaluations of the participants.

You don't have to register separately for the indoor games, it's enough to be there in good time on Saturday and inform the counter of your name, match series and weight. The price of indoor competitions is €10/competition or €25/whole league.

All series start at the same time, so that on one mat there are matches of beginners and Juniors and on the other, matches of ranking series players. Electric armor is used on both courts, but if the competitor is missing electric socks, points can also be given manually. Electric helmets are also in use on the R1 field.

If you want to come along to practice acting as a judge or otherwise as an administrator, please contact us!

indoor league_18

What: The first competition of the taekwondo athletes' salikis league

When: Saturday 24.2. from 10:00

Where: Taekwondo athletes hall in Konala, Ruosilankuja 3C, Helsinki

Price: €10 / competition or €25 / whole league

Who is suitable for: For all experienced or beginning match competitors, regardless of age

Additional information and contacts:,

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Several Nordic championships for taekwondo athletes

Six championships from a tough business series tournament

Business series competitions have been tougher year by year both in Finland and in the Nordic countries, and this time too the series were not only big but also extremely strict. The competition format has also enjoyed great popularity in the gym of Taekwondo athletes, and for the first time in the PM championships, the movement series team was bigger than the match team.

In the individual classes, Plum grabbed the championship trophy to decorate his trophy cabinet at the end of a very successful day. Christian also won the championship in the freestyle series with his flying performance, showing that he is still the number one fist in the Nordics when it comes to freestyle. The taekwondo athletes were part of several pairs and groups of Team Finland and the results speak for themselves. Taekwondo athletes participated in a total of four championship pairs or groups, and there were two silver placements. You can find more detailed results at the end of the news.

Coach Heikki Liukkonen was very satisfied with the team's performance:

"It was a pleasure to watch the performances of TU's competitors, because almost every performance on stage was sharper and more focused than seen in previous competitions and trainings. The atmosphere of a competition bigger than normal domestic competitions only raised the level of performance! The team's increased competition experience starts to show off the stage as well, when the preparation for the competition performance from the youngest competitors is even better - the preparatory warm-ups go admirably on their own and the teammates have a great time with each other! Competitors are starting to find their own style of preparation that suits them."

All in all, the competitions were really successful in light of both the competition performances and the results. It's really easy to be satisfied with these performances!"

Image uploaded from iOS (3) Image uploaded from iOS (2) PM8 PM6 PM2

Teemu and Jenna as champions on the match side

The match tournament was also high-quality and the series were big. The PM competitions have clearly started to gain respect again in the Nordic countries and there were high-level teams from every country. Teemu has some kind of championship and award on his plate, but that didn't stop him from adding another championship to his trophy cabinet. Teemu tackled the familiar precisely and the opponents didn't have the right weapons to break the defense. Jenna's championship also came with clear match victories, and there was not even a moment of uncertainty as to who won the matches. Jenna's match style, physique and self-confidence start to show in matches as a really effective combination.

There were a gratifying number of taekwondo athletes in the final round, but this time Emmi, Iines, Bardia and Venne had to settle for silver. However, everyone had a great day and you can be very satisfied with the silver. With determined training, silver will turn into gold next year. Sami, Eddie and Milla each won their way to the semi-finals, but had to admit that their opponents were better there. Bronze, however, and excellent openings by all. Severi also fought very well and tactically considering that his right leg was unusable due to an injury. It was not far that Severi would have won his match with one working leg.

Image uploaded from iOS (1) PM7 PM4 PM3 PM1

Big congratulations to all the medalists for both competition formats!

Results, business series

Alex Jurgens C1P 6.
Plum Duplicator C1P 1.
Sara Quinones C1T 3.
Tara Tuokko B1T 6.
Christian Kamphuis U30M 4.
Ville Lehtinen U40M 4.
Elina Tikkanen U30N 12.
Laura Pihkala U40N 6.
Plum & Mia (EHT) Pairs U17 2.
Tara & Daniel (Pori) Pairs U17 5.
Laura & Jeppe (Vihti) Pairs U40 8.
Ville & Niina (Manse) Pairs U40 4.
Sara, Helmi (Pori), Mia (EHT) Groups U14 1.
Tara, Patricia (EHT) & Naam (Mudo Lohja) Groups U17 2.
Christian, Olli (Budokwai), Frans (Budokwai) Groups U30 1.
Elina, Nea (Tampere), Linda (Hipko) Groups U30 1.
Ville, Jeppe (Vihti), Kim (HTKD) Groups O30 1.
Christian Kamphuis Freestyle 1.

Image uploaded from iOS

Results, match

Venne Viitaniemi C1 -33kg 2.
Luca Leskinen C1 -37kg 5.-8.
Plum Duplicator C1 -49kg 5.-8.
Iines Korhonen C1 -33kg 2.
Eddie Quinones B1 -68kg 3.
Severi Sarala B1 -68kg 5.-8.
Bardia Mirzaei B1 -73kg 2.
Emilia Lahti B1 -55kg 2.
Milla Väyrynen B1 -55kg 3.
Sami Leskinen R1 -63kg 3.
Teemu Heino R1 +87kg 1.
Jenna Partanen R1 -67kg 1.
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Indoor competitions on Friday 15.12.

Friday 15.12. Indoor competitions of taekwondo athletes

Welcome to the season-ending indoor competitions in Konala! Participation is free for everyone, and you do not need to register separately. Representatives of other clubs are also warmly welcome to join!

17:00-19:00 – E, D, and C2 (7-12-year-olds and 12-14-year-old beginners)

19:00-21:00 – C1, B1, B2, R1 and H (12-14-year-old cadets, +15-year-olds)

If you are not sure which group you should join, ask your coach or contact us by email. In particular, larger C2 boats and those planning to transfer to cadet series should ask if more suitable resistors can be found in a later shift. We encourage all new enthusiasts to participate in the games, even if they don't even know what competing means. The first time you can look at the moods or even try it yourself if you feel like it.

E-armors are used for the shift starting at 19:00. Your own E-socks are therefore highly recommended if you want to fight with electric armor. There are also a few loaner socks in different sizes.

You can borrow the missing protectors from the club, but we encourage everyone to buy their own training protectors, which are regularly needed in training as well. Ask more from the gym's equipment store and coaches.

Note! No other exercises will be organized on the day of the Salika competition.

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Taekwondo athletes' open day 26.8.

Come and learn about the versatile hobby of taekwondo!

Right now is a great time to start practicing taekwondo. The open day for taekwondo athletes is here again, and anyone can get to know the sport by watching, trying and asking questions. The club's instructors are there to talk about the sport, the club and the training, so the answers to the mind-boggling questions can be found in Konala, Helsinki, Corduroy 3 Con Saturday 26.8.2017. The doors open at 12:00 and are open until five, even longer if there are enough people interested. In the future, e.g. introductory training opportunities, competitions, raffle for training months, etc. And serving coffee and juice - of course!

There is no bad age or condition to start taekwondo, the sport is suitable for everyone. Small children learn general physical skills, and with seniors we go at a calm, but still developing pace. For the young and enthusiastic, our club offers fast-paced training and learning competitive sports under the leadership of our country's most successful taekwondo athletes. In our club, there are many families, where both children of different ages and parents enthusiastically pursue their own goals, or together in family groups. So don't worry, start taekwondo!

Doors open at 12:00 and close at 17:00


for map_hall

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The autumn season starts on August 14.

The fall season for taekwondo athletes starts on August 14. Read the most important reforms and events here

Autumn training times start on Monday 14.8.

The training times for autumn have been decided, and there will be no major changes to the spring calendar. A few changes are due to the resourcing of instructors and the effort to clarify the calendar even more. In addition, efforts have been made to organize more practice space for the largest groups.

autumn 2017 training times(2)


As new exercises, the group of young athletes will have a third weekly class and body control/acrobatics will return from their break on Sunday. Feel free to try different additional exercises in addition to the basic exercises. Ask your instructor in more detail where you should start.

Season opening camp 19.8.

At the season opening camp, you kick yourself off after the summer. You can find more information about the camp in your own news from here.

August belt exams 24.8. and 25.8.

Belt test for adults 24.8. and the trains on 25.8. Read more from here.

Open day 26.8.

The open day offers an opportunity to get to know the club's activities and sign up for training. Bring a friend along too! More information from here.

If you can't wait until the open doors, surf yourself "getting started” page and through it to the gym!

Malminkartano's birthday party 27.8.

We will perform again at the Malminkartano festival, while promoting the club to people in the surrounding areas. If you want to be part of the screening team, contact


A brisk start to autumn everyone!
T. Taekwondo athletes 2011


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A successful race day at Nurtsi

Taekwondo athletes third best club in the Games

The taekwondo athletes were on the move with a 24-person team in the Nurtzi Open competitions held in Nurmijärvi, where this year no less than 449 kickers competed against each other. There were no free medals when there were teams from Finland, Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Iceland and Israel. The success of the taekwondo athletes is indicated by the fact that they went home in third place with the best club standing under their arms.

Excellent performances in the league series

The competitive spirit of the league contenders is clearly starting to be on point. There were enough top moments for everyone, but the series victories of Emmi, Tuiku, Sara, Bardia and Eddie were especially memorable. The nationalities of the opponents did not weigh much when Emmi and Tuikku's opponents fell one after the other with clear numbers. Bardia's tactics changed on the fly against the Icelandic opponent in the final when the opponent's warning account started to fill up. Bardia ran forward with speed, forcing his opponent to make repeated mistakes and finally got him to be discus. Sara and Eddie once again showed how to score points with a high percentage. Lauri, Luca and Plum also got international competition experience, but this time they lost in the opening rounds. Sam's flu froze his legs after the first round that started well. Aino won his first match, but after a long stretch in the second match, the Estonian resistance pulled a longer one. Similarly, Jenny's long Swedish resistance took the win, but Jenny's movement and swagger were amazing to watch. Unfortunately, Juri was drawn directly to the final against Eddie and took home the silver from the mutual struggle of the teammates. whats up

In the amateurs, cheerful performance and tight twists

Iine's point mill started once again in the first match and did not stop grinding until a fair point win in the final. A hard kick combined with reasonable use promises good things in the future. Janika also won the series with a mature and accurate match. Especially Janika's business worked perfectly. The same exact and careful search for scoring positions was also shown by Aleksi, who had to stop in the middle of his second match due to a leg injury. Venne, Henri and Joonas each won their opening matches, but had to admit defeat in others. Opening losses for Risto, Frans, Kaisla, Teemu and Markus.

Juho, Pauli, Riina were the coaches in the games and Alberto Celestrin was the guest star. A big thank you to Alberto and the other coaches, as well as the whole team and the maintenance crew!

See you at the gym!


All rankings

Henri Hulikkala D2 juniors -40 Kg 5.-9.
Venne Viitaniemi D1 juniors -34 Kg 2.
Kaisla Seimola D2 juniors -30 Kg 3.
Lauri Hulikkala C1 juniors -45 kg 10.-16.
Iines Korhonen D2 juniors -35 Kg


Aleksi Koskelainen C2 juniors -44 Kg 3.
Janika Tatti C2 juniors -36 Kg 1.
Risto Hyvärinen H-enthusiasts +80kg 3.
Frans Orjasniemi D2 juniors -30 Kg 5.-9.
Teemu Takala D2 juniors -40 Kg 10.-16.
Jonas Laos C2 juniors -38 Kg 2.
Laura Orjasniemi C2 juniors -42 Kg 5.-9.
Luca Leskinen C1 juniors -37 Kg 5.-9.
Plum Duplicator C1 juniors -45 Kg 5.-9.
Jenny Vettenniemi C1 juniors -33 Kg 5.-9.
Markus Liuko D2 juniors -30 kg 5.-9.
Emilia Lahti B1 juniors -52 Kg 1.
Sami Leskinen R1 seniors -63Kg 3.
Eddie Quinones C1 juniors -65 Kg 1.
Juri Mattila C1 juniors -65 Kg 2.
Aino Kortelainen C1 juniors -33 Kg 3.
Sara Quinones C1 juniors -41 Kg 1.
Bardia Mirzaei B1 juniors -73 Kg 1.
Tuikku Holopainen R1 juniors -49 Kg 1.



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Spring newsletter

Spring season events and announcements

Don't miss the events of the taekwondo world, read below the latest newsletter of taekwondo athletes. Happy spring everyone!

TU2011 announcement spring 2017

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Summer camps for taekwondo athletes

Traditional summer camps in the first weeks of June

There is no better way to start the summer vacation than by attending a summer camp for Taekwondo athletes. Two week-long day camps for children and young people guarantee fast-paced taekwondo training, pleasant outdoor activities, games and fun together. The camps are suitable for everyone, from beginners to veterans. There is a limited number of places. So don't hesitate, sign up right away!

About the camps

Timing: 1. camp 5.-9.6., 2nd camp 12.-16.6.

Price: €175/camp or €300 both camps (includes exercises, lunch, snack and other possible expenses)

Realization: The camps will take place if there are more than 10 participants/camp registered. The maximum number is 20 participants per camp.

Schedule: Doors open at 9:00 and close at 17:00. The actual exercises and the program are between 10:00 and 15:00. (A more detailed program will be published closer to the camp)

Registration: Registration by email to To register name, age, previous experience in taekwondo, allergies and other special considerations and the phone number of the guardian.


Those who have registered will receive even more detailed camp information closer to the beginning of June. However, don't hesitate to ask if something was unclear: or 045-1827290.

Camp ad

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Registration for the early spring games

Early spring domestic competitions:

4.3. Loviisa Open (match) - Registrations no later than 23.2.

11.3. Lohja Open (business series) - Registration no later than 2.3..

1.4. Nurtzi Open (match) - Registrations no later than 23.3.

8.4. Kuopio Open (business series) – Registration no later than 30.3.

You can and should participate in competitions, even if you have no experience other than indoor competitions. There are series for everyone at their own level, both in the match and movement series competitions, and the coaches are happy to help with mind-boggling questions. So don't hesitate, feel free to sign up!

Registration for all competitions: When registering, include your name, date of birth, belt rank and current weight (match only). In the return mail of your registration, you will receive more detailed instructions about the games and how to prepare for them.

The easiest way to find the times of competitions and other events is to search for Taekwondo athletes timeline.

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Timeline of taekwondo athletes

The club is introducing a new tool for monitoring and informing about all the events of the year, please welcome the timeline! The timeline can be found on the website at and it looks like this:

Timeline of taekwondo athletes on the homepage
Timeline of taekwondo athletes on the homepage

All events relevant to the club will be marked on the timeline:

  • match competitions and business series competitions (domestic and foreign)
  • camps (for enthusiasts, competitors, coaches)
  • trainings (own trainings, Union trainings)
  • belt tests for all training groups

In every event we try to add all the necessary information related to taoaht, but if something is left in doubt, you can ask the coaches for advice. However, please don't come and ask before you have checked whether the answer to your question can be found on the timeline :)

The purpose of the timeline is to facilitate the activities of all club members in connection with competitions, camps and belt tests, and the timeline will be updated diligently. Use, practice and give feedback! If the timeline works, then it will be kept in use, but if it seems that it is not working, then we will go back to the old system or come up with something new!

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