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August belt exams

August belt exams

  • 7-15 year olds on Friday 25.8.
    • Yellow belt and green ribbons 17:00-18:00
    • Green belt and higher belt grades 18:00-20:00
    • Those who do not have an exam have exercises as normal
  • Adults on Thursday 24.8. 
    • From 19:30 to 21:00.
    • Those who do not have an exam have exercises as normal
  • Getting to the belt exam requires, depending on the belt rank, a sufficient number of exercises and training months from the previous belt exam. Instructors check the training times in the login system. All participants in the belt test will be sent an invitation by e-mail. The list can also be seen at the instructor's desk in the hall about a week before the exam
  • Note! An invoice for the belt test will be sent before the test. By paying the bill, you register for the belt test. If you want to pay for the exam in cash on the spot, let us know in advance. The prices of belt tests can be found From the price list
  • All participants in the test are required to have a sport license from the Finnish Taekwondo Association, which can be ordered from the association's website
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Summer camps for taekwondo athletes

Traditional summer camps in the first weeks of June

There is no better way to start the summer vacation than by attending a summer camp for Taekwondo athletes. Two week-long day camps for children and young people guarantee fast-paced taekwondo training, pleasant outdoor activities, games and fun together. The camps are suitable for everyone, from beginners to veterans. There is a limited number of places. So don't hesitate, sign up right away!

About the camps

Timing: 1. camp 5.-9.6., 2nd camp 12.-16.6.

Price: €175/camp or €300 both camps (includes exercises, lunch, snack and other possible expenses)

Realization: The camps will take place if there are more than 10 participants/camp registered. The maximum number is 20 participants per camp.

Schedule: Doors open at 9:00 and close at 17:00. The actual exercises and the program are between 10:00 and 15:00. (A more detailed program will be published closer to the camp)

Registration: Registration by email to To register name, age, previous experience in taekwondo, allergies and other special considerations and the phone number of the guardian.


Those who have registered will receive even more detailed camp information closer to the beginning of June. However, don't hesitate to ask if something was unclear: or 045-1827290.

Camp ad

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A huge haul of trophies from the Ambassador's Cup

The Ambassador's Cup, organized for the second time, gathered taekwondo people to compete both in movement series and in a match in Vantaa's Tikkurila on November 12, 2016. Taekwondo athletes had a strong representation in both forms of competition, and we can be very satisfied with the day's performances.

Competitors at a good pace

The taekwondo athletes had no fewer than 29 representatives in the match series, so there was enough excitement for the whole day. The huge trophy haul shows that there were enough top moments and successes. A busy coach doesn't quite notice all the tricks, but at least Paul remembered Venne's gutsy three-win fight for a series win, Lauri's accurate spot-kicks, Iines' ferocious kicking power, Jenny's tremendous self-confidence, Janika's tactical skills, Plum's solid work ethic, Aleksi's will to win, Bardia's struggle against the Estonian hurray, and Jaden's , Markus and Kaisla's brave first contact on the national competition mats. Many other things also fell into place, and as said, one coach's eye is not enough to see everyone.

Sampo, Pauli, Juho, Riina, Petteri and Teemu were responsible for the coaching on the match side. The exchange of words between the coaches after the games was very positive. As the season draws to a close, many goals can already be considered fulfilled for the fall. Another big thank you from the coaching team to all the competitors and congratulations on your success!

An efficient and stylish team in the business series

The team of taekwondo athletes got in shape for competition under the treatment of the team's official stylist, Somporn Kopisto. The team was easily the most stylish of the games and there was no doubt about their efficiency. The coaches are Juho Ranta and Essi Labart. Of course, Essi managed to grab gold in both of his series before this. In general, the upswing of business series athletes that continued throughout the fall continued again at the Ambassador's Cup. Essi was satisfied and proud of the team's performance, and Juhokaa did not spare hyperbole in his later report.

The club and the coaching team congratulate the winners!

Janika Sophia  Hairstyle you guysplum

Special thanks to Subaru, who provided the team with subs at the end of the race! #hankssubaru

All rankings

Contestant / Match series Investment
Venne Viitaniemi D2 – Kids -30 Kg 1.
Venne Viitaniemi D2 – Kids -35 Kg 9.
Lauri Hulikkala C2 – Kids -44 Kg


Henri Hulikkala D2 – Kids -40kg


Iines Korhonen D2 – Kids -30 Kg


Jenny Vettenniemi D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Sofia Sarala D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Sofia Sarala D1 – Kids -28 Kg


Aino Kortelainen D1 – Kids -30 Kg


Janika Tatti D1 – Kids -37 Kg


Janika Tatti C2 – Kids -36 Kg


Markus Liuko E1 – Kids -26 Kg 9.
Frans Orjasniemi D2 – Kids -35 Kg 5.
Aleksi Koskelainen D2 – Kids -45 Kg 1.
Kaisla Seimola D2 – Kids -30 Kg


Jade Salko C2 – Kids -42 Kg


Plum Duplicator C1 – Cadets -41 Kg


Plum Duplicator C1 – Cadets -45 Kg


Ali Pirveisi C1 – Cadets -53 Kg


Bardia Mirzaei R1 – Seniors -68 Kg


Aino Kortelainen C1 – Cadets -33 Kg


Emilia Lahti C1 – Cadets -51 Kg


Emilia Lahti B1 – Juniors -52 Kg


Luca Leskinen C1 – Cadets -33 Kg


Luca Leskinen C1 – Cadets -37 Kg


Jenny Vettenniemi C1 – Cadets -29 Kg


Severi Sarala B1 – Juniors -63 Kg


Sara Quinones C1 – Cadets -41 Kg


Tuikku Holopainen C1 – Cadets -47 Kg


Competitor / Business series Medal place
Plum Duplicator Cadets Male 3.
Christian Kamphuis U30 Chess 2.
Essi Labart U30 Female 1.
Aino Kortelainen Kids Blue Female 2.
Bella Buri Kids Green Female 2.
Victoria Hentunen Kids Green Female
Sofia Sarala Kids Blue Female 3.
Aino Kortelainen Blue Belts Female 1
Sara Quinones Kids Red-Black Female 2.
Essi Labart & Christian Kamphuis U30 Pair 1.
Bella Buuri & Victoria Hentunen Kids Pair 3.
Aino Kortelainen & Sofia Sarala Kids Pair
Sara Quinones & Mia Knuttson (Espoo Hwarang Team) Kids Pair 1.
Bella, Victoria, Sofia Kids Team
Aino, Sara, Mia (Espoo Hwarang Team) Kids Team 1.
Christian Kamhuis Freestyle 1.


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On Sunday, there is a free shift in the gym and a competition stand

Competitive spirit and sparring

Those who are not going all the way to Turkey to experience the Olympic qualifiers can come over the weekend to watch Teemu and Suvi's preliminaries on the large TV screen in the hall. Along with the grandstand, the hall's carpet and equipment are freely available for independent training. Those looking for sparring opponents should be there around 12-2pm, when a free-form sparring ring is held. Juice, coffee and small snacks are also available.

The matches of the qualifying tournament start at 10:00, when the hall doors also open. The hall will be occupied as long as there are Finns participating in the tournament, but at least until 15:00. You should also watch Jenna and Toni's matches on Saturdays from home!

Welcome aboard!

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The spring season for taekwondo athletes starts on January 11.

The spring season starts fast

Taekwondo athletes' training is still on break for Epiphany week, but on Monday 11.1. training will start again as usual. There have been small changes in the practice times, which you can check from here. Tapiola's shifts will also continue with the same schedules as in the fall. Kalajärvi the spring course starts on Thursday 21.1.

The gym elves knew how to tell that the most enthusiastic trainers couldn't bear to stay away from the taekwondo mats during the Christmas holidays. A group of young competitors of Taekwondo athletes camped in Madrid in a tough company. You can read about their struggles from here. The ceiling height of the own hall was also tested on 27.12. at the organized skill and jump kick camp. The camp was attended by belt ranks from 10th cup to 4th dan and the age range was 7-45 years. Still, despite the starting level, everyone learned a lot of new ways to use their body versatilely.

At the same time, Jenna Partanen and Teemu Heino have finished their preparations for the European Olympic qualifiers, which will be held on January 16-17. in Istanbul, Turkey. Go read Teemu's thoughts from here and liking Jenna's athlete page here! Sampo Pajulampi and Juho Ranta will also go on the trip as support troops. Juho works as the team's physiotherapist. Our club is therefore quite strongly represented at the most important taekwondo event in Europe at the beginning of the year. We will hear more about this trip later!

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Late autumn dates

Taekwondo athletes' late fall dates

5.11. October replacement belt test Invited
14.11. Ambassador cup, Nurmijärvi Race group
27.11. Indoor competitions All
30.11 Tapiola's belt test Tapiola groups
3.12. Kalajärvi belt test Kalajärvi course
15.12. Junior belt test, Konala 7-14 year olds
16.12. Children's belt test, Konala 3-6 year olds
17.12. Adult belt test, Konala Adults
4.12-10.1. Christmas break in Tapiola and Kalajärvi Tapiola, Kalajärvi
19.12-10.1. Christmas break, Konala All
27.12. Midday training camp All

More information about the events can be found in the end-of-autumn newsletter, which is sent to all groups by e-mail. You can also download the bulletin from here.


Indoor competitions 3.10

Indoor competitions this Friday

Contrary to previous information, the indoor competition will be moved a week earlier to Friday 3.10, so that the indoor competition does not fall on the same weekend as the league competition in Porvoo.


17:00-19:00 – All junior enthusiasts

19:00-21:00 – Adult enthusiasts and the tree


Indoor competitions are free for our own enthusiasts. Enthusiasts of other clubs are charged €10.

Now is a good time to buy your own protection

If necessary, enthusiasts can use the club's worn-out loan covers, but their own is of course the recommended option. You can ask for protection from any instructor at the club's equipment store. You can get off to a good start by buying arm and shin guards, which are often needed during training as well.


Moods from last spring's indoor competitions



The domestic competition season opened in Parain

Plenty of medals for Taekwondo athletes

The team of taekwondo athletes collected a lot of positions from the Park Cup competition in Paraisi organized on 27.9. In general, the club's race times seemed to be in good shape right at the beginning of the fall, but there was still room for improvement. The next time we go to Porvoo for the medal hunt on October 10-11.


Sophia Vassilaki  1. C1N -51kg
Eddie Quinones  1. C1M -49kg
Milla Väyrynen  1. C1N -41kg
Emilia Lahti  1. C1N -44kg
Megii Moullaev  1. D1M -46kg
Sara Quinones  1. E1N -30kg
Sara Quinones  2. D1N -30kg
Ulrika Repokari  2. C2N +58kg
Severi Sarala  3. C1M -45kg
Voker Feka  3. B1M -73kg
Eddie Quinones  3. D1M -46kg
Aleksi Väyrynen  3. B1M -48kg
Ali Pirveisi  3. C1M -37kg
Oliver Rajalin  5. C2M -50kg
Eddie Quinones  5. C1M -45kg

There is still room for a couple of enthusiasts in baby taekwondo

Good mood at the baby gym

In baby taekwondo, we get to know the latest training equipment..


On Monday, we happily practiced taekwondo with the babies again. During the training, muscles were strengthened, basic technique was reviewed, shoulders and back were taken care of, and above all - fun was had. The group can accommodate a couple of baby gymnasts to take care of their body holistically. There are still 12 practice sessions left. Welcome!

More information


...strengthening the muscles..
...we face new things..
..let's challenge the giants..





...and have fun! :)








We sweated and had fun at Junnuje's summer camp

GuaranteeIMG_1145b26 eager children and young people were able to practice taekwondo under the guidance of Paul and Tanja at the wondour players' summer camp. There were training sessions twice a day, and in them we delved into changing themes ranging from acrobatics to matches and from movement sequences to self-defense. Some of the riders got a fast-paced first contact with the sport. Between workouts, we spent time outdoors and excited about Kung-fu Panda's adventures. A tasty lunch was eaten at the lunch table of the cafe Corelli, and additional energy was refueled in the afternoon with a snack. Taekwondo athletes thank all campers.

You can visit the club for more pictures from facebook pages.
























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