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Taekwondo athletes will invest in their own match training in the future

Taekwondo athletes will invest in their match training in the future. Discussions about coaching cooperation in the capital region and its development are ongoing with both the association and neighboring clubs, and hopefully by the summer we will find new, more effective forms of cooperation.

However, the current free Tuesday and Wednesday training sessions for other clubs will be removed from the beginning of March and will be replaced by match training sessions led by Paul on Tuesdays and training sessions led by Juho on Wednesdays. In the future, Master Cho will conduct training on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Malmi, and our athletes can participate in these trainings as before.

Our cooperation with KampSport-fighters Taekwondo and Espoo Taekwondo Academy continues without changes.

Enthusiasts from other clubs are also still welcome to our gym to train with, for example, a ten-day ticket.

In the future, the top group's training selection and instructors are as follows: Fatima Boughrara (Mon 19:00-21:00), Pauli Raivio (Tues 18:30-20:00), Juho Kostiainen (Wed 19:00-21:00) and Sampo Pajulampi & Mari Lapinsalo (Thu 20:00-21:00). On Fridays, we try to organize shared rides to Porvoo for Juuli's sparring training (17:00-18:30). Master Cho continues morning training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 9:30 for a selected group.

Since the change will certainly raise questions, we will organize a discussion session on the matter on 27.2. at 19:00. Welcome!

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