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Papula-Nevinpat supports Sophia on her way to success


Papula-Nevinpat is one of Finland's largest and best-known patent, trademark and design offices. It was founded by patent attorney Antti Papula in Helsinki in 1975. He was an open-minded visionary who even then saw the increasing need for services related to industrial rights and the future change of the industry, as well as the huge IPR business opportunities that would arise with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He boldly set out to build a company whose guiding star in all activities is the customer's interest. This work has been successfully continued and today Papula-Nevinpat is an internationally respected Finnish specialist company. In addition to offices in Finland, we have offices in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. You can get more information about the company at

Sophia Vassilaki

Sophia Vassilaki is one of our club's most talented athletes. Despite his young age, he is already an experienced competitor. The main goal this year is the cadet EC and WC tournaments.

  • Born on 8 December 2001
  • Weight category under 44 kg
  • 1. Boom black belt


  • Schoolchild

Track record

  • SM 2012, Jyväskylä, Cadets (12-14 years old) -44kg, 1st place
  • Porvoo league competition, Porvoo, 2012, Cadets (12-14 years old) -44kg, 1st place
  • Junior-Challenge competition, Lahti, 2012, Cadets (12-14 years old) -44kg, 2nd place
  • League competitions Nurmijärvi, 2012, Cadets (12-14 years old) -41kg, 1st place
  • Pori Open (League), Pori, 2012, Cadets (12-14 years old) -41kg, 1st place
  • Budo Nord Open (League), Loviisa, 2012, Cadets (12-14 years old) -41kg, 2nd place
  • League finals, Turku 2011, 1st place
  • Children's and young people's Seven Sisters Cup, Nurmijärvi, 2011, 2nd place


  • Cadet European Championships 2013 and 2015, medal level
  • Junior national team 2015
  • Adult national team 2018
  • Olympic medal
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