Taekwondo athletes at the Madrid camp

Taekwondo athletes in top training in Madrid

MadridTaekwondo athletes' representatives Tanja Lovikka, Kasper Wargelin, Eddie Quinones and Sara Quinones have spent the Christmas break training taekwondo at the international camp of Finland's Olympic coach Jesus Ramal in Madrid.

During the week, the TU11 team has received top-level instruction and plenty of match experience against international opponents. The camp has teams, e.g. From Spain, Italy and Mexico.

On Sunday, the camp culminated in a huge indoor competition, where the competitors gained competition experience against their own competitors. This is a good starting point for 2014, for which every camper in Madrid has already set both domestic and international goals.

Below are Sara and Eddie's poom skills and pictures from the camp:

Poomse and pictures




Camp in Madrid 26-30 December 2013 led by Jesus Ramal and Suvi Mikkonen

Summer and Jesus

1003873_10153134504120093_239740840_nJesus Ramal and Suvi Mikkonen will organize an international camp in Madrid on December 26-30, 2013. At least 2 athletes from our club will go to the camp. You go too. More information from Sampo.

Here is Suvi's message to Finnish taekwondo players:

"Finns! 26-30 December will be held in Madrid 2 winter camp! Last year the camp was amazing and this year many teams have already registered, for example: Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, Germany... And many others are interested. It is possible to get home accommodation with a family from our company, but there is not enough for everyone, so if you are interested, contact us and reserve your place!! Of course, you can also stay in a hotel. There is no information about the prices of the camp yet, but it is not expensive. Last year there were 3 Finns, I hope there will be more this year! There are 2 training sessions in 2 groups: children and cadets are 1 group and junior and senior are the other group. And the race on the last day. Are you going to miss it?”

- Suvi Mikkonen


27.8. In the indoor competitions, full speed is on!

Suvi Mikkonen and Jesus Ramal were also seen there, who will also direct the exercise on August 28. at 20:00.

Jesus was impressed by the strong potential of a few contestants to grow into top contestants.

The matches were held in two areas, one of which was using DaeDo's e-armor systems.


Jesus Ramal and Suvi Mikkonen visit our gym

Summer and JesusFinnish Taekwondo Association's Olympic coach Jesus Ramal and Suvi Mikkonen will visit our gym on August 27-28.

On Tuesday, the gym competition is on the program, where top-level advice is offered from top coaches as well as top competitors.

On Wednesday, there is a practice at 20:00, which is open to all league-level competitors (R1, B1, C1) and D1 children.

News on the website of the association>>


The World Cup culminates for the Finns

For Finns, Teemu and Suvi culminate the main event of the taekwondo year in our sport. Teemu will compete on Friday and Suvi will compete on Thursday. Teemu's match will take place around 17:30 Finnish time.

Teemu and Juho finish. (photo: Jesus Ramal)
Teemu and Juho finish. (photo: Jesus Ramal)
Opening loss for Suvi

Suvi lost his opening match to Cuba's Nunez in the overtime. The actual match ended in a tie 3-3.

More information

Teemu diagram.png
Summer diagram.png

You can follow the matches live online at

In addition, you can watch the matches afterwards at the address


Matti Sairanen is aiming for a medal at the Para-Taekwondo World Championships in Switzerland

The team in a group photo.
The Finnish team in Aruba's tunrus 2012

Matti Sairanen, who represents our team, is leaving on June 8. going to the Para-Taekwondo World Championships to seriously pursue a medal. The silver medalist of the previous games in the category A6 under 68 kg, is now seriously aiming for the world championship.

"In the end, the final ended 2-1 in Azer's favor, the match was extremely even", says Matti.

"Anything is possible with a good performance, but everything has to go right," says Sampo Pajulampi, who works as a coach in the competition.

In the same connection, the 2nd Swiss Open tournament will be held

In the same context, a high-level tournament will be held, when the world's top players will complete the WTF GI-ranking tournament. From Finland, the recent Nordic Champion and Olympic visitor Suvi Mikkonen is participating.

Swiss Open participants,>>


Sophia, Sisu and Kasper at the Olympic coach's camp

taekwondoSophia Vassilaki, Sisu Salmenniemi and Kasper Wargelin represented Taekwondo athletes at the Olympic coach's camp organized in Turku. Adults are accompanied by Elom Damalie. The camp gathers almost 100 athletes from Finland, Spain and Russia. The exercises are directed by Jesus Ramal. Suvi Mikkonen, who impressed many with her Olympic performances, is also seen training.

Cadet Team Sparring

International Cadet Camp, March 29-31, 2013








The association camps top and cadets (E/D1/C1/B1/R1) at Easter

Read more on the association's website


With the Sophia Junior Team at the camp in Madrid

taekwondoSophia Vassilaki trains for a week in Madrid. Emma Reiman from Loviisa, Eevi Huuskonen from Hwarang in Espoo and 3 athletes from Budokwai in Turku also participated in the camp from Finland.

Top level taekwondo

At the camp, the Finns get to train for two days together with the Madrid regional team at the Olympic training center (CAR). The regional team is of a very high standard, as it includes several medalists from big tournaments. In addition, the program includes a training tournament and training in a smaller group.

News of the Finnish Taekwondo Federation>>


Jesus camp at the Turku Coaching Center on January 12, 2012

Presentation of training camp and training center operations.

10.15-11.30 Practice for 10-14 year olds
11.30-13.00 Exercise for 15-year-olds and older

13.15-14.15 Presentation of VK operations

14:15-15:30 Exercise for 10-14 year olds
15:30-17:00 Exercise 15 years and older

The camp is led by Olympic coach Jesus Ramal together with Olympic representative Suvi Mikkonen.
The training camp costs €20/person. The camp is free for athletes selected to the training center.
Fees are invoiced from the participating clubs.


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