Fall 2013 indoor competition at TU11 gym

DSC_0014Taekwondo athletes organize a series of indoor competitions

The most enthusiastic ones have already asked, because the next indoor competition will be organized. Taekwondo athletes will organize a series of indoor competitions during the fall of 2013 at their gym in Konala. The next indoor competitions will be held on August 27. and these competitions open the autumn indoor competition season. The indoor competitions are still held on Tuesdays, and the competitions start as usual at 17:00 with the children's and young people's mittelös and continue with the adults' tohino from 19:00 onwards.

Everyone is more than welcome to challenge and accept challenges. In the spring, it was really nice to see enthusiasts of other sports also trying out their skills in a taekwondo match.

¨For TU11 enthusiasts, the gym competition is included in the normal training fees, others are charged a participation fee of ten euros.

Dates of indoor competitions

  • 27.8.2013
  • 17.9.2013
  • 15.10.2013
  • 19.11.2013
  • 17.12.2012

The dates can also be found in the club's calendar.

Happy but tired
Terho made the most of the indoor competitions for taekwondo athletes.



A taekwondo license is required for practicing and competing


Everyone participating in the activities of the Taekwondo Association (camps, competitions, etc.) must have a sports license.  Taekwondo athletes 2011 require a valid license from all participants in the belt exams. All enthusiasts are also recommended to purchase Pohjola's accident insurance when acquiring a license. License insurance is a comprehensive and safe choice. However, if you already have insurance that covers martial arts, you should get a license without Pohjola's insurance.

Even if you don't practice taekwondo, but you want to support Finnish taekwondo, you can get a support license.


You can access the license purchase and purchase instructions here>>




1. Children's license for those born on or after January 1, 2003

Price 15 EUR or with Pohjola accident insurance EUR 27.
The license includes the right to free competition. The children's license is also intended for those practicing the ITF style.

2. Youth license for those born between 1 January 1996 and 31 December 2002

The price is 35 euros or 75 euros with Pohjola's accident insurance.

The license includes the right to free competition. The youth license is also intended for those practicing the ITF style.


3. Adult high school for those born on December 31, 1995 or earlier


a) Adult license

The price is 59 euros or 194 euros with Pohjola's accident insurance.

The license includes the right to compete in both styles, in all series and competition formats.


b) Adult ITF licence
The price is 59 euros or 159 euros with Pohjola's accident insurance.
The license includes the right to compete in ITF competitions.


NOTE! One license is enough for participants in both style competitions (insurance should be a more expensive option).


4. Single License

The price is 35 euros or 60 euros with Pohjola's accident insurance,
This license is intended for participation in a one-time event of the Taekwondo Association (competitions, camps, etc.). The license is only valid for one, separately named event. The license does not include the Taekwondo magazine vintage. The one-time license is valid for 10 days from the moment of payment.

5. Endorsement License

The price is 25 euros.
This license is intended, for example, for family members of those who practice taekwondo or others who want to support the activities of the Taekwondo Association. In addition to the support membership card, the license also includes a subscription to the Taekwondo magazine mailed to your home.




Go to the online purchase of the license FROM HERE and follow the instructions:

  1. Personal information
    Fill in your personal information on the form.
  2. License information
    Check your personal information. Then choose your own club and the license that suits you. NOTE! When buying a support license, select "Support license" as the company.
  3. Adoption
    Check the information of your chosen license and familiarize yourself with Sporttiturva's product description and insurance conditions. The insurance terms must be accepted before proceeding to payment.
  4. Payment
    Pay either directly via the bank buttons or print/save the invoice. You must definitely use the reference number when paying!


In licensing matters You will be helped Tiiu Tuomi, tel. 09 3481 2505. 


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