Loviisa's open success for Taekwondo athletes

A total of 11 taekwondo athletes took part in the Loviisa games. There were first timers as well as standard equipment.


In the boys' D2 under 30kg series, Luca Leskinen suffered an opening loss to Hipko Team's Jopi Helle. In the same series, Joni Ståhl won the first match in style, but succumbed to Christmas in the semifinals. However, bronze for both boys.

In the boys' D2 under 34kg series, the first-timer Alireza Piraveisi showed convincing performances, winning both of his matches with clear numbers. So gold for Alireza with a great performance.

In the boys' D2 under 37kg series, there was a final between TU11 boys, when Megii Moullaev and Eddie Quinones both clear their way to the final. Megii was better this time and took the gold medal. Great matches from Eddie again and this time a silver medal.

In the boys' D1 under 34kg series, Sisu Salmenniemi lost in the semi-final round of a very tight and tough match in the overtime.

This time, Aaha Moullaev competed in a higher weight category, but fought nicely to a tie until the very end of the match, but had to give up in the last seconds for silver.

Sophia Vassilaki started with a win in the girls' C1 -44kg series. In the final, however, Sophia had to bow to Jyväskylä's Vilja Aalto.

Sara Quinones did not find an opponent this time in the E-jobs under 28kg series, but we hope that Sara will get to fight for the first time.

There were medals
There were medals

Among the adults, as usual, 2012's Jaakko Saha was included, for whom only one opposition was found this time. Jaakko dominated the match and took the job home in style, even though headers were forbidden in Jaakko's series this time.

Sami Leskinen was an unlucky warrior in the men's amateur series. Sami's hand was broken in the first match and the games stopped at that. Get well soon Sam!

In the women's under 49kg category, Tanja Lovikka won her first match by clear numbers, but had to admit that Jyväskylä's Lotta Linna was better in the final.

Support forces

Janne Rita represented Taekwondo athletes as a judge. The coaches are Juho Kostiainen, Juho Ranta and Petteri Kauppinen. In addition, a support group consisting of parents supported and cheered ours meritoriously.

See you at the camp!

Taekwondo competitors and the judge performed very well in the Loviisa Games and the team spirit was just right. The next competitions will be held in Nurmijärvi on 13 April, where we will hopefully see an even bigger team. Before that, you can compete in the indoor competitions on 2.4.

Score: Budo Nord Open 2013, results

Here are a couple of Eddie's father's videos of the Taekwondo athletes' warm-up, award distribution and Sara and Sophia's playful challenge match.

TU11 Loviisa 16-03-2013

TU11 Loviisa 16-03-2013 warm up and fun

Sara Quiñones vs Sophia Vassilaki Taekwondo just for fun

A small compilation of pictures from the award ceremony from Eddie's father:


New belt values for taekwondo athletes on March 12, 2013

taekwondo | Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa
taekwondo athletes' assistant instructor Tanja Lovikka completed the 1 kup belt rank on 12 March 2012

In the belt examinations held on 12 March 2013, the following persons increased their belt rank:

  • Matti Puromäki, 1 cup
  • Tanja Lovikka, 1 cup
  • Markku Hannula, 6 cups
  • Sami Leskinen, 7 cups
  • Jenny Suihko, 7 cups
  • Tommi Kaikkonen, 8 cups

Because the belt test ended for different people at different times, it was not possible to give feedback to everyone directly after the test. Those who did not receive feedback, remember to ask Teemu or Juho as soon as possible.


On a spring day, we enjoyed the program and pea soup

About 40 enthusiastic taekwondo athletes who participated in the society's spring day got a dose of taekwondo on 10.3. on an organized spring day. Two training sessions, rewards, Introducing Invictus, information about the club's activities and the evening program guaranteed a content-rich Saturday.

TU11 awarded its most meritorious trainers of the year at the event. The awards were handed out by chairman Teemu Heino:

Fan of 2012: Jaakko Saha
Contestant of 2012: Hilla Palviainen

The children's parents were also able to participate in the afternoon training, when I trained with Petteri Kauppinen's fun general exercises and, of course, a bit of sport as well.


There's excitement in indoor competitions

There were seniors...
There were seniors...

6.3. 63 matches and competitors from all the way from Forssa were seen in the indoor competitions. First, the juniors from 17:00 to 19:00, and in the evening, the adults got busy.












...and juniors.
...and juniors.

The association camps top and cadets (E/D1/C1/B1/R1) at Easter

Read more on the association's website


Match camp 23.3.2013

Taekwondo | TU11 - Match campThe match camp is intended for everyone interested in matches. Of course, you can participate even if you don't have match experience yet. The emphasis is on basic things such as match position, movement and basic performances.


10.00 – 11.00 Children (EC)

11.00 – 12.00 Adults (B/R/H/S)

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch break

13.00 – 14.30 Children (EC)

14.30 – 16.00 Adults (B/R/H/S)

The match camp will be held at the TU11 hall in Konala. TU11 instructors are responsible for guiding.

Register for the camp by e-mail at By March 17, 2013. Individual enthusiasts can register on the list in the hall.

The participation fee is 20 euros, which is paid in cash at the event. Cafe and equipment sales on site.


Taekwondo athletes spring day program 9.3.

taekwondoTaekwondo athletes' spring day

We celebrate the club's first spring day on Saturday, March 9. The program includes a nice activity together and in the evening we go to the sauna. The event is intended for all hobbyists in our company and their family members. The evening program is intended for adults only.


11.00-12.30 Training for enthusiasts

12:30-2:30 PM Lunch and information session for enthusiasts and family members of enthusiasts

14:30-16:00 Training for enthusiasts and family members of enthusiasts

17:30 Sauna at Töölö Kisahalli, snacks

As a thank you to the 2012 league finals, we offer sauna drinks in connection with the sauna!

The first exercise is intended for all those practicing the sport in our club. There will be a little more special training in the morning, as well as a lighter, playful training aimed at everyone, for all companions and their family members.

Sign up at the gym

There is a list at the hall's service desk that you can sign up for. This is how we ensure that there is enough food for everyone. Mark the number of participants in your family, the participants in the evening program, and the participants in the evening program who took part in the League Final talks, separately on the list.

The event is free for our enthusiasts and their family members!


Budo Nord Open in Loviisa on March 16, 2013

taekwondo LoviisaLoviisa Taekwondo Hwang ry organizes a competition of the Finnish Taekwondo Association's match league. There are also amateur, junior and senior series.

Taekwondo athletes go to the tournament with as large a team as possible. You can register with your instructor by March 7, 2012. To register, you need the following information:

First name, last name, sport ID, date of birth, series, level, weight

There is a scale in the gym and instructors advise on choosing a series.


The participation fees are as follows

E, D2, D1, C2, C1 and B2 juniors €30

Hobbyist series H, S30 and S40 €30

Match leagues, R1, B1 €40

In addition, you must reserve €15 in gas money and spending money for race day.

If you are going to the event in your own car, let us know that too, and we can arrange rides for everyone.

Preliminary schedule

19.00–21.00 Arrival at the place (those staying overnight)
20.00–21.00 Weigh-in, possible for everyone

08.00- 08.45 Weigh-ins, all
08.15- 08.45 Judges' meeting
08.45 -08.55 Team leaders' meeting
09.00-18.00 Matches

NOTE! The schedule is preliminary and will be updated according to registrations. focused
the schedule will be published on Loviisa Taekwondo Hwang's website on 14 March 2013 at

Competition invitation

You can find all important information about the competition in the competition invitation.

Competition invitation>>


Hall competition for taekwondo athletes 5.3.


Tuesday 5.3. the club's indoor competitions are organized on Tuesdays during normal training shifts, so that 7-10-year-olds and 11-15-year-olds compete between 17:00 and 19:00. Both beginners and advanced group members can come and compete for the whole two hours, but it doesn't matter if you can only come for one hour.

Scoring takes place in the traditional way.

After the children, the adults get to play from 19:00 onwards. Even adults, regardless of age, size and belt rank. Everyone can try the match with their own level of resistance.

Everyone is welcome to the event. For our enthusiasts, indoor competitions are part of the normal training fee, others are charged a participation fee of 10 euros.


With the Sophia Junior Team at the camp in Madrid

taekwondoSophia Vassilaki trains for a week in Madrid. Emma Reiman from Loviisa, Eevi Huuskonen from Hwarang in Espoo and 3 athletes from Budokwai in Turku also participated in the camp from Finland.

Top level taekwondo

At the camp, the Finns get to train for two days together with the Madrid regional team at the Olympic training center (CAR). The regional team is of a very high standard, as it includes several medalists from big tournaments. In addition, the program includes a training tournament and training in a smaller group.

News of the Finnish Taekwondo Federation>>

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