SM-kisat & Pori Cup in Pori on November 16, 2013

1000px-Porin_coat-of-arms.svgSm-kisat and Pori Cup

A team of taekwondo athletes for the World Championships

Milla Väyrynen, SM – Cadets -37 Kg

Kasper Wargelin, SM – Cadets -37 Kg

Aaha Moullaev, SM – Cadets -49 Kg

Aleksi Väyrynen, SM – Cadets -41 Kg and SM – Youth -45 Kg

Voker Feka, SM – Cadets -61 Kg and SM – Youth -63 Kg

Tanja Lovikka, SM – Adults -49 Kg

Pauli Raivio, SM – Adults -68 Kg

Juho Kostiainen, SM – Adults -80 Kg

Petteri Kauppinen, SM – Adults -80 Kg

Teemu Heino, SM – Adults +87 Kg

A team of taekwondo athletes to the Pori Cup

Megii Moullaev, D1 juniors -40 Kg

Sara Quinones, D-juniors -28 Kg and E-juniors -28 Kg

Eddie Quinones, D-juniors -40 Kg

The guardians are Sampo Pajulampi, Juho Ranta, Teemu Heino, Petteri Kauppinen, Juho Kostiainen and Pauli Raivio.

NOTE! 15., 16. and 17.11 all trainings have been canceled because of the race!

Participants & info

Competition invitation SM

Competition invitation Pori Cup

On Twitter @taekwondourh and #taekwondosm


Good luck to the Taekwondo athletes from the PM Games

Sophia ready to win, coached by Kim Sinisalo
Sophia ready to win, coached by Kim Sinisalo
From the Taekwondo PM competitions, 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze

Sophia Vassilaki took gold, Teemu Heino and Tanja Lovikka silver and Aleksi Väyrynen Bronze.

Internationally, the hardest match was the meeting between Teemu and Zakharias Asidah, where Teemu Taipui lost 6-4. Even though this time there was a loss, Teemu stayed on the ride of the WC medalist, who is in great shape.

In addition to our own medalists, Pauli Raivio, who instructs and trains at our gym, took home the gold medal in his series.

A great end to the season

A great competition season ended with a handsome final and it's good to continue from here summer training among. As for Teemu, the season continues until July, when we visit World Cup in Mexico. Taekwondo athletes would like to thank all the competitors, guardians, judges, competition organizers and those who participated in spirit, BIG THANKS!

All results of the competitions>>

Teemu Heino & Zacharias Asidah
Teemu Heino & Zacharias Asidah

The taekwondo athletes' indoor competitions were a great success

In the taekwondo athletes' indoor competitions on 14.5. almost 50 athletes

Forty children and twenty adults raised the atmosphere to the ceiling. The work remained in the glove when we had visiting judges from Vihti. Thanks to Illka Vikström and the Lindfors sisters for their help.

Below are some of Hilla Palviainen's shots.


Taekwondo athletes at the tournament in Pori

Pori taekwondoAdults

11.5. in the league competitions for adults, TU11 was represented by 3 players, all in the league.

Elom Damalie was the first to compete in the men's -74 kg category. However, he experienced a point loss to Klaukkala's Terho Räsänen. The match, which started well, froze towards the end, and there were no chances to win in the last set. Elom's placement was 5.-8.

Tanja Lovikka competed in the women's -49 kg category. The first match against Amina Harek ended with an overwhelming points victory before full time. The opponent in the final was Nina Ohra-Aho from Klaukkala. In the second set, Ohra-Aho got a couple of main hits, thanks to which he escaped to the point victory. So Tanja's ranking was 2nd.

Teemu Heino took his place in the men's heavyweight division. Tero Kuorikoski has certainly improved as a competitor, but he was still unarmed, even matching Teemu's routine performance. 3-0 win and 1st place in the series for Teemu.


Sophia Vassilak's series (cadet girls -44) is one of the highest standards in Finland, if compared to the international level of the series. Sophia got to experience this the hard way after already losing the first match to Loviisa's Emma Reimann. The match was one of the toughest battles of the day, even though the result of the tournament was by no means in line with preliminary expectations. Sophia's ranking 3rd-4th.

Voker Feka won his first match in the cadet boys' +65 kg series with a great upper technique in the extra set. In the second match, Pori's Antti Vajavaara came up against him, who took the main hit right at the start, but it was judged too hard. I saw a series win for Voker.


Among the children, Sara and Eddie Quinones were present this time. Sara had only one opponent, whom she beat in showmanship 2-0. For Eddie, the race was full of adversity. In the first match, the opponent's armor was broken, and thus Eddie did not get points, despite good hits. The next 2 matches were won by Eddie, and in the third it was fought for the series victory, after the pool matches crossed paths. The match started well, but at the beginning of the second round, Eddie and his opponent kicked their legs hard together. The hit was so hard that Eddie was unable to continue and had to go to the hospital to have his leg checked. Fortunately, no fracture was found in the leg, but unfortunately the first series win eluded Eddie. A silver medal was hung around the neck.

Sara's final:

Eddie's 2 matches:

Photos from Sara and Eddie's day:


A team of taekwondo athletes to the league competition in Pori

Pori taekwondoThe last league competition of the spring takes place in Pori.

Pori Taekwondo organizes a league competition in the traditional Pori Sports Hall. TU11 is going with a slightly smaller, but very capable team this time.


Pori sports hall
Kuninkaanhaanaukio 6
28130 DRILL

TU11's team
Moullaev Megi Boys D1 juniors (9-11) D-juniors -37 Kg
Quinones Eddie Boys D2 juniors (9-11) D-juniors -37 Kg
Feces Voker Boys C1 juniors (12-14) C juniors +65 Kg
Moullaev Aha Boys C2 juniors (12-14) C juniors -49 Kg
Damalie Life Gentlemen Match League (15+) Match league -74 Kg
Heino Teemu Gentlemen Match League (15+) Match league +87 Kg
Vassilaki Sophia Girls C1 juniors (12-14) C juniors -44 Kg
Notch Tanya Ladies Match League (15+) Match league -49 Kg
Quinones Sedge Girls E-juniors (6-8) E-juniors -26 Kg


All competitors


Belgium Open 2013 report

Taekwondo BelgiumA team of taekwondo athletes

Women under 46 kg

Tanja Lovikka – Beth Worthington (GBR) 1 – 8

Cadet girls under 44 kg

Sophia Vassilaki – Viviane Tranquille (CAN) 4 – 8

Sampo Pajulampi was the coach and Kai Lohman was part of the support team.

Good matches

The starting point for the tournament was that both athletes are in their first major European tournament, and thus the expectations for the results were set quite modest. The combination of travel, a gigantic tournament, unknown opponents and opponents known to be tough were already big stress factors beforehand. However, both of our representatives adapted well. Traveling and other activities went like clockwork, and the new things did not prevent high-quality preparation. The situation was therefore good, as both athletes, being almost the same size, were able to work smoothly to support each other in preparation.


Tanja already played on Saturday. The weight loss was successful and on the day of the match, the atmosphere was suitably buzzing before the match. The opponent came from England and represented a good international middle level. Tanja didn't quite stay on board yet, because the opponent's good move closed the close match and the distances remained too long despite a good effort. However, good performance, and the development targets were easy to analyze. After working on them, we are one step further.


Sophia's match on Sunday was an exciting battle. The opponent, who was almost two years older, was a strong fighter. Hard kicks combined with good technique were a combination worthy of a bronze medal. Sophia's back spin kick in the second round hit the neck and the judges drew points for a long time, because the cadets did not have video review. However, there were no points and the rest of the match was spent in chasing positions. Sophia was very involved in the match, but in the last moments no more points were scored.

Summary of the team

The performances were good, but there is work to be done. The jump to this level from the domestic games is big, and success requires a new gear in the eye.

General considerations

In general, I followed the matches of Tanja and Sophia's series the most, but of course with a side eye I managed to catch a glimpse of other Finns' matches as well as the whole tournament in general.

Aces High

In general, it can be said that the battle is won or lost in the air. This applies especially to the women's and smaller men's series, why not top-end matches in the big men's as well. Tactically, you have to take into account that the other can hit up once and playing zero zero like this is not an option. In addition, your focus must be on the main hits and playing them open. Your own protection must be functional and the coach must be alert with the card game.

The general formula doesn't work

The formulaic contestants did not succeed in the competition. The winning type relied on its own basic strengths, was able to reset the opponent's basic strengths and, above all, managed to surprise its opponent. More and more attention should be paid to this.

You have to have a big bunch of different basic schemes in your back pocket. You have to know how to read the opponent's basic pattern and handle your own plot with honor. In addition, you must be able to break your own and the opponent's patterns.

The arrangements didn't work either

The tournament was quite chaotic, so it served as a good school for the inexperienced team. However, for cadets, paying 50 euros for two sets of matches without video review is a little unfortunate. Especially when getting to the match was an endless grind in various places.

All results can be found at


Next, the train is heading Nurmijärvi through to Spain.

Here's Tanja's match one set at a time:

Tanja in Belgium, 1st batch.

Tanja in Belgium, 2nd round.

Tanja in Belgium, 3rd round.

Sampo Pajulampi


Taekwondo athletes for the Belgian ETU A-Class tournament

Taekwondo BelgiumThe Belgian Open is one of the biggest taekwondo tournaments in Europe. 1343 athletes from around the world will meet in Ghent on April 5-7.

Tournament homepage>>

Team of taekwondo athletes:

Sophia Vassilaki cadet girls -44 kg

Tanja Lovikka female -46 kg

The coach is Sampo Pajulampi.

Tournament competitor lists and results can be found at


New belt values for taekwondo athletes on March 12, 2013

taekwondo | Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa
taekwondo athletes' assistant instructor Tanja Lovikka completed the 1 kup belt rank on 12 March 2012

In the belt examinations held on 12 March 2013, the following persons increased their belt rank:

  • Matti Puromäki, 1 cup
  • Tanja Lovikka, 1 cup
  • Markku Hannula, 6 cups
  • Sami Leskinen, 7 cups
  • Jenny Suihko, 7 cups
  • Tommi Kaikkonen, 8 cups

Because the belt test ended for different people at different times, it was not possible to give feedback to everyone directly after the test. Those who did not receive feedback, remember to ask Teemu or Juho as soon as possible.

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