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Spring training calendar for taekwondo athletes

Some changes to spring practice times

As the autumn season is still coming to an end, we are already looking to the future. Konala's spring training calendar has been edited. Due to the characteristics of our sport, the size of the groups, the age distribution and the distribution of belts live constantly, which forces us to check the training calendar again every time the season ends. Some of the changes are due, for example, to the fact that during the fall two groups practicing at the same time have grown so big that the gym is starting to get small for both. Some, on the other hand, have their roots in the instructors' scheduling issues. For the sake of clarity, the group in which the enthusiast should train at any given time is listed below.


Group Level Hobbyists
0-3 Babies, toddlers and toddlers See the descriptions in more detail on the groups' own pages
3-6 Rudiments Beginners, one sleeve label owners
Sequel Two sleeve badges and from the yellow belt upwards
7-14 Rudiments White and yellow belts
Sequel Yellow belts with one or two green ribbons
Advanced Green belts and higher belt values
14+ Rudiments White and yellow belts
Sequel Green and blue belts
Advanced Red and black belts
Match All Everyone from yellow upwards who are interested in the match
Elite A competitive team striving for international success
Business series Buff Everyone who is interested in practicing movement sequences
Race group Business series competitions are attended by enthusiasts and athletes

Schedule_spring2016Spring practice times

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Christmas break training camp

You don't have to spend the whole Christmas break

The taekwondo athletes' gym will celebrate the Christmas holiday from the usual training calendar from 19.12 to 10.1. However, this does not mean that the only option is to fortify yourself in the corner of the sofa with a mug of mulled wine and ham leftovers. On Sunday 27.12. kick-ass entertainment and sweat cranberries are offered in the gym, in the spirit of a traditional mid-day training camp. The camp is intended for all enthusiasts over the age of eight, regardless of skill level or age. Usually, the camp has had a large turnout for both adults and children. This year's themes are acrobatics and jumping kicks.


10:00-11:00 Workout 1 – Warming up, body control and acrobatics
11:00-12:00 Snack break. Bring your own snacks
12:00-13:00 Training 2 – Skill kicks and special kicks
13:00-13:30 Coffee break
13:30-14:30 Exercise 3 – Jumping kicks
14:30-15:00 Final stretch

Price: €20, paid in cash or by invoice afterwards

Registration: Applications to Enter your name, age, club and belt rank when registering. Registration no later than 25.12.

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December belt exams

December belt exams

It is possible to increase the belt value even before the Christmas break.

Juniors aged 7-14 – Tue 15.12.

  • at 17:00-18:00 – Yellow and green ribbon finishers (8th cup)
  • At 18:00-19:00 Green ribbon finishers (7th-7th + cup)
  • at 19:00-20:30 – Green belt and higher graduates (6.- kup)
  • Those who do not have an exam have practice as usual

3-6 year old children – Wed 16.12.

  • from 18:00 to 19:00
  • NOTE Those who there is no belt test now, is a joint exercise from 17:00 to 18:00

Adults – Thu 17.12.

  • from 18:30 to 20:30
  • Those who do not have an exam have practice as usual

You can take the belt test after collecting enough training marks and knowing belt-level techniques (techniques used in training). The instructors calculate the training times based on the enthusiasts' own training logs and check the candidates who pass the tests from their groups. These enthusiasts will be sent a separate e-mail and told during the exercises. You can check the price lists for belt tests from here.

We require a sports license from the Finnish Taekwondo Federation from all participants, which can be purchased from here.

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New teacher values for taekwondo athletes

More teachers for TU11
More teachers for TU11

On December 3, 2015, the values of the black belt were increased in the TU11 gym. Pauli Raivio and Hannu Vikström completed their 4th dan and are now TU11's newest teacher-worthy black belts. In the same exam, Tanja Raivio increased her belt rank to 2nd dan. The test started with the basic technique section, after which Hannu and Tanja held a yellow belt test for the Kalajärvi group as part of their own belt test performance. From Kalajärvi, we returned to the Konala gym for the wrestling part of the belt test, where sweat and contact were not spared.

Teemu Heino, the holder of the belt test, was very satisfied with the test takers' performance and hard work in the tests. Big thanks also to Petteri Kauppinen, who we will hear more about very soon, as well as Emilia Lahte and Jan-Erik Wargelin, who helped in the struggle part of the test.

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Get Christmas gifts from Taekwondo athletes

Christmas will be fun, but not quite yet. But you should get the gifts well in advance. From taekwondo athletes, you can get products that an enthusiast needs every day, your gift will not be left gathering dust in a corner.

Tracksuit (sizes 2-7)

5-16 year olds €65

People over 16 €75

Tracksuit packages:

T-shirt when ordering tracksuit €15

Hoodie €35 when ordering online


19 €


42 €

Exercise rubber band

30 €

Fight Pro suit with TU11 print

Smai Figt Pro suit €117

If you want a TU11 print on your suit, place your order no later than 10.12. going. +€15

A gift card for training

You can also give exercise as a gift. Agree on a suitable amount and pay it either in cash or by invoice!

Equipment gift card

You can find suitable equipment with us. Agree on a suitable amount and pay it either in cash or by invoice!

Shoes for additional training

Our Christmas gift tip for competitive athletes and those attending core classes is Reebok CF Nano 5.0 shoes for spring training.


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Indoor competitions 27.11.

Taekwondo athletes' next indoor competition is approaching

As usual, indoor competitions are held at the taekwondo athletes' hall on the last Friday of the month, i.e. 27.11. Like last time, we collect names on the list in advance for adults, B-junnu and cadets, so everyone can check if there are opponents of a suitable size or scalps they are aiming for.

We therefore ask that you promptly notify one of the coaches either of your participation or of your absence. The list is updated as needed. The children of our own club do not need to register. E, D and C2 competitors will not be published, there will certainly be enough of them.

Participation is free for everyone.

17:00-19:00 – E, D, and C2

19:00-21:00 – C1, B1, A1 and H (can be started on a rolling basis even earlier at the end of the junnum races)

17:00-18:00 – skills competition for 3-6 year olds (both TU11 groups combined)

Status of participants 19.11.2015 at 12:00

Cadets and juniors

Luca Leskinen P -33 kg TU11
Rasmus Suhola P -33 kg Nurmijärvi
Ali Pirveisi P -45 kg TU11
Hannes Tolonen P -41 kg TU11
Juri Mattila P -49 kg TU11
Severi Sarala P -57 kg TU11
Aino Kortelainen T -30 kg TU11
Sara Quinones T -34 kg TU11
Emilia Lahti T -47 kg TU11


Stella Vuorio M -54 kg Hanmoodo Helsinki
Pauli Raivio M -68 kg TU11
Sami Leskinen M -63 kg TU11
Janne Rita M -87 kg TU11
Riina Korhonen OF -63 kg TU11
Tanja Raivio OF -53 kg TU11
Jenna Aalto OF -57 kg TU11/Loviisa
Sang Pham M -63 kg TU11
Petteri Kauppinen M -80 kg TU11
Toni Lahtinen M -63 kg Loviisa
Pasi Karlsson M +87 kg Kerava
Rutt Grupmann OF -62 kg TU11
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Jenna represents Finland in the under-21 European Championships in Romania

Taekwondo athletes' Jenna Partanen will participate in the under-21 European Championships starting on November 19 in the women's under-67 kg category. During the fall, Jenna has been preparing for January's Olympic qualifiers in Spain. He has trained under the Finnish Olympic coach Jesus Ramal together with Suvi Mikkonen.

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League finals and Park Cup 2015 5 December 2015 in Parais

The match and of motion sequences the league finals and Park Cup 2015 will take place on December 5, 2015 in Paraini!

The competition venue is the Sports and Youth Center of Parainen (PUNT), Koulumestarinkatu 5, 21600 Parainen.

Contrary to previous information, in addition to the league series, the competitions also include children's and amateur series (E, D, C2, B2, H and S30)!

Registrations at  no later than Friday 27 November 2015.


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Late autumn dates

Taekwondo athletes' late fall dates

5.11. October replacement belt test Invited
14.11. Ambassador cup, Nurmijärvi Race group
27.11. Indoor competitions All
30.11 Tapiola's belt test Tapiola groups
3.12. Kalajärvi belt test Kalajärvi course
15.12. Junior belt test, Konala 7-14 year olds
16.12. Children's belt test, Konala 3-6 year olds
17.12. Adult belt test, Konala Adults
4.12-10.1. Christmas break in Tapiola and Kalajärvi Tapiola, Kalajärvi
19.12-10.1. Christmas break, Konala All
27.12. Midday training camp All

More information about the events can be found in the end-of-autumn newsletter, which is sent to all groups by e-mail. You can also download the bulletin from here.

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